Was Esperanto used on the Explorer II spacecraft?

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Q: Was Esperanto used on the Explorer II spacecraft?
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What was little joe II used for?

That was used to test the launch escape system and to verify the performance of the command module parachutes for the Apollo spacecraft from 1963-66 in five different times.

What was the manufacture date of browning Explorer II recurve bow serial 7d2181?

Your bow should be a 1967 bow if it is an Explorer II. The following dates were used: The original Explorer had no numerical designation and was 62" long. Usually a solid wood riser... EXPLORER 62" 1963-67 (Top of line hunting/target 30# to 60#) Later they came out with a short 56" version and hence the beginning of the I and II descriptions. The first number relates to the year produced...there are some strange ones for transition years in labeling and design and such...but this holds pretty true to form. EXPLORER I 56" 1967-75 (Short version replaced Explorer) EXPLORER II 62" 1967-75 (Long version replaced Explorer) Would love to see pics of it if you still own the bow....

Does a 1996 Ford Explorer have OBD II diagnostics?


Is a 1996 ford explorer obd II compliant?


Is your 2004 ford explorer OBD II compliant?


Is there a knock sensor on a 94 explorer?

No , as far as I know not until the 1996 Explorer with the OBD II / EEC V

Does a 1998 ford explorer have a chip key?

1998 Explorer uses a PATS II system with a transponder in the keyhead.

What spacecraft landed on mars in the 1970's?

The viking rovers, vikings I and II.

How was neptune's great spot discovered?

The 'great dark spot' on Neptune - was discovered by the Voyager II spacecraft in 1989.

What is the last model year of ford bronco II?

The Bronco II was made till 1990. The it was replaced by the Explorer in 1991.

What is the first voyager spacecraft to visit Neptune?

Voyager II was the first spaceship to visit Neptune on August 25, 1989.

When was the Russian dog launched?

Laika the dog orbited earth aboard the soviet spacecraft Sputnik II in November 1957

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