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Was Galileo Galilei in Jail?


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February 06, 2015 6:05PM

no he was found innocent

He was forced (under threat of torture) to retract his claims and was placed under house arrest for two years.


Yes he was, because the Church didn't want to hear his theory. :)


<<>> Galileo was put on trial for heresy after he tried to reinterpret the Bible, which put him in conflict with the Catholic Church.

The Bible says that the Earth is the centre of the Universe, and the Church accepted the Ptolemaic system which is geocentric. Galileo on the other hand promoted the new Copernican system which put the Sun at the centre. The church told him that it was all right to promote Copernicus's theory as a theory, but not all right to say it was the absolute truth in contradiction of the church's teachings.

The church also said that if the new theory could be proved right, the church was ready to reconsider.

When Galileo discovered the phases of Venus, which show a definite fault in the Ptolemaic system, he proclaimed that this proved that the Sun must be at the centre. This was not factually right at the time because Tycho Brahe's system explained all the phases of Venus while still placing the Earth at the centre.

Matters took a turn for the worse when Galileo wrote a book explaining the Copernican theory, in which one of the characters supporting the geocentric principle was shown up as an idiot. Many people saw it as a portrayal of the Pope, which led to Galileo's trial, after which he recanted.

But eventually Kepler's model, which has elliptical orbits and the Sun at the centre, was demonstrated to be correct after Newton's discoveries in the science of dynamics.