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The Washington quarter was issued in 1932 to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth, so the answer is no.

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Q: Was George Washington still alive when his face was put on the quarter?
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How much worth a George Washington quarter from 1998 that said epluribus uhum?

A 1998 Washington quarter is still worth 25 cents.

What is mysterious about George Washington?

he would be very old if he was still alive

Was George Washington on the quarter?

He still is. Washington's picture has been on all circulating US quarters since 1932.

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No, they died early in his life.

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Who is on a us quarter?

Currently, George Washington (from 1932 to 2008 and probably beyond) Beginning in 1999 with the release of the first statehood quarters, Washington's image on the obverse side of the coin was modified, but still washington. The Barber quarter(1892-1916) bears the image of Liberty in a Phrygian cap and a laurel wreath. The Standing Liberty quarter (1916-1930) bears the image of Liberty

What is the value of 1970 George Washington quarter dollar coin?

It's a very common date quarter that's still found in circulation. It contains no silver and is just face value.