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yes she cleaned toilets before she was a singer!!! Yuck!!! Mery

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โˆ™ 2009-08-16 22:14:27
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Q: Was Hannah Montana A bathroom cleaner before Being A singer?
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Who played the role before Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana IS a role.

Where Hannah Montana live before Malibu?

Hannah Montana lived in Tennessee before moving to the rich town of Malibu

Was there a Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus played Hannah Montana?

Yes there was a Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus played Hannah Montana! The real Hannah Montana died!! She used to live in a country town and was a singer and then Miley Cyrus took her name!! I tried to search up from the internet for the real Hannah Montana but couldn't find her but a lot of people think that there is a mystery about Miley Cyrus taking the name of the real Hannah Montana and when she plays Hannah Montana she wears a wig. Doesn't anyone wonder why!!?

How Miley became Hannah Montana?

When Miley was a child she auditioned for Hannah Montana. She was a good actress so she got in. So before the audition she was never Hannah Montana.

Who was going to play the role of Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus?

Selena Gomaz tried out for Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus did

Who was offered Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus?

No One was offered to be Hannah Montana before Miley. Miley and her dad created Hannah, and she just became popular with her music.

Before Hannah Montana was going to be turned into a movie what were they going to call it?

Hannah Montana movie- Hannah Montana Reveals Secret. Im jking =]] srry i dont know the real answer

Who was Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus?

No one. Hannah Montana is a character that has always been played by Miley Cyrus.

When did Miley Cyrus retire of being Hannah Montana?

Rgt before her hit show "Hannah Montana" ended in 2010.

What happened before she became Hannah Montana?

i cant answer that

How did Miley find out about Hannah Montana?

It was based on the show. She was asked to do the show but before hse started it, she wrote songs and created Hannah Montana.

Was there an old Hannah Montana before miley became her?

No, there wasn't.

Was Miley Cyrus an actress before she starred in Hannah Montana?


Who was famous before Hannah Montana?

santa and the Easter bunny

Was Hannah Montana famous before her TV show?

phft no

Has Hannah Montana had the hiccups before?

Everyone gets hiccups.

How can you audition for Hannah Montana?

In order to audition you need to go to Disney Channel/Hannah Montana auditions but before you do you need an agent parental guidance

When is the DVD of the Hannah Montana movie will be out?

Hannah Montana the movie is out on the 6th of September in stores near you,but if you order it on AMOZON you will get it before that! Ps:I'm getting it of Amazon!

Did Miley Cyrus want the part of lilly in Hannah Montana?

Yes, she did, before she wants to be Hannah Montana.Which is strange because she IS Hannah Montanna and she didn't want to play herself in HER TV show.

How much do Hannah Montana concert tickets cost?

How much do Hannah Montana concert tickets cost? How much do Hannah Montana concert tickets cost? i eaven don't know because i didn't go before i will try figure it out.

Does Hannah Montana love Jake Ryan?

She did before she found out he cheated on her.

How many others played Hannah Montana before Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus originated the role of Miley Stewart / Hannah Montana, and has appeared on the show for 4 seasons.

When did Miley Cyrus start her career?

before she started her career on Hannah Montana

Why does Hannah Montana have no mom in her episodes?

Her mother, Susan Stewart, died before Miley/Hannah began her music carreer.

How did Hannah Montana became famous on the show not Miley Cyrus i mean Hannah?

The character in the show got famous 'cause her dad was famous before and Hannah not-in-the-show-but-real was created for the show and songs were written for the Hannah on the show and then Hannah Montana released an album and she got famous.