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No he had three older brothers... Herman, Nathan, and Gottfried

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Is Harry Houdini the oldest the youngest or in the middle in his brothers and sister?

Harry Houdini is the second oldest in his family.

Who is the oldest in the Harry houdini family?

harry hounidi

Is harry Houdini the oldest child?

i love dogs is marco polo famous for inventing the light bulb?

Is Harry Houdini the youngest child?

no he was not

What are Harry Houdini's brothers and sisters from oldest to youngest?

Herman Houdini 1863-1885 Nathan Houdini 1870-1927 William Houdini 1872-1925 Harry Houdini 1874-1926 Theodore Houdini 1876-1945 Leopold Houdini 1879-1962 Those were his brothers. Carrie Houdini 1882-Unknown She was his sister.

What were problems with Harry Houdini?

i think his family was poor when he was a child

What three words will describe Harry houdini?

Who is harry houdini

What nicknames did Harry Houdini go by?

Harry Houdini went by The Great Houdini.

Was harry houdini christian?

No. Harry Houdini was Jewish.

Did Harry Houdini get married?

yes harry houdini did get married

What country was Harry Houdini from?

Harry Houdini was from Budapest, Hungary.

Is Harry Houdini dead?

Harry Houdini died in 1926.

Did Harry Houdini have a kid?

Harry Houdini did not any sons.

When did harry houdini get the name harry houdini?

when he was 17!

How did harry houdini get the name harry houdini?

He didnt like his born name so he changed it to Harry Houdini for stunts

Who did harry houdini admire?

Houdin [a famous magician is who harry Houdini admired. Thats why harry changed his last name to Houdini.]

Who is harry houdini related to?

Harry Houdini is related to a Mrs. Weiss and Bess Houdini and Dash Weiss

What did harry houdini do in the Olympics?

Harry Houdini did not go or do anything in the olympics.

Did Harry Houdini Have kids?

Harry and Bess Houdini did not have any children.

What kind of person was Harry Houdini?

harry houdini was a magical person

Was Harry Houdini a rabbi?

No. Harry Houdini was a magician and escape artist.

Did Harry Houdini have any childern?

Harry Houdini did not have any children.

Who is Harry Potters oldest child?

Harry Potter's oldest child is James potter because he was the first one of harry's children to go to hogwarts.

How did Harry Houdini become a magician?

Harry Houdini began working on the streets doing magic tricks as a young child. He traveled with carnivals and fairs until he became well known.

Did Harry Houdini have any children?

Houdini was ONE OF SIX children<<<<Not helpful< - Harry Houdini did not have any children.

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