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Q: Was Helen Keller angry headed and intelligent?
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Helen keller's childhood?

she was angry headed and intelligent

How did Helen Keller marry?

Helen Keller didn't marry any cause when her mom found out she was marrying Peter she got so angry. So Helen never married.😢

Why was Helen Keller impatient?

Helen Keller was frustrated and angry because of no calm down plan. I thing when child get angry parents should come up with calm down plan. Parenting an angry child Apex Academy Texas BlogSpot

When did Helen Keller get angry over her inability to communicate with people?

It was around the year that she died I think.

What was Helen Keller's behavior like?

It was very erratic and often she was very angry. It took a lot of teaching and help to control her mixture of emotions.

What are some important characteristics of Helen Keller?

3 of her character traits are this because she is

What was Keller's frame of mind before Anne Sullivan's arrival?

Angry and bitter

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To placate is to calm, pacify, or mollify.Example : "The airline gave out free drinks in an effort to placate angry travelers."Example : "In between, I placate her with more cake."(Sarah Miller in Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller.)

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because she would never focus.

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Daedalus was VERY intelligent. He was an inventor, an architect, a scientist, and lots of other things. Although he was spiteful; he was angry because he was trapped and he was angry at anyone who thought they were better or smarter than him.

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