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Was Ireland controlled by Germany in World War 2?


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no, Ireland was neutral.

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Germany controlled 39 different countries in WW2.

No, Germany invaded Poland. Ireland was not even in the war; they were neutral.

the Ussr controlled east Germany and and the US and UK controlled west Germany.

Germany was divided into East Germany controlled by the communists, and West Germany

Germany was divided into zones which were controlled by France, Britain, and the United States which was combined to form West Germany. The Soviet Union controlled East of Germany.

because they controlled half of the world without poooping

4 zones.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(e2020 answer)It was divided up into 2 parts: East Germany and West Germany. West Germany was controlled by the Americans while East Germany was controlled by the USSR.

Ireland was neutral throughout the War, and had a lively (minority) Nazi party which would turn out to be of great advantage to fleeing Nazi war criminals in the immediate post-War years. Invading Ireland would have been difficult (you have to go past the British Mainland) and pointless (Ireland was never at war with Germany). Why would you?

The western half of Germany was controlled by the French, Americans and Brits after World War 2 concluded. The French controlled the section near the border of France and Germany. The US controlled a "middle section" and the Brits controlled the northern area. The allies also controlled different sections of the capitol city of Berlin. The Soviets controlled East Berlin and East Germany and Eastern Europe after the war.

Germany, though weakened, still controlled much of the land it had before World War I

Four.British. Frenh. American. Soviet.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(e2020 answer)It was divided up into 2 parts: East Germany and West Germany. West Germany was controlled by the Americans while East Germany was controlled by the USSR.

what empire did the british colonization of india follow

Parts of the USSR (Russia) were occupied by Germany during the war, but at no point did Germany formally annex or obtain any part of the USSR.

Ireland was still a part of Britain at the time ... On 5 August 1914 Britain declared war on Germany on behalf of the entire British Empire.

Germany was divided into four occupation zones controlled by the US, UK, France, and the Soviet Union respectively.

No, but they were allied with Germany at first, then hitler invaded Russia in 1941. After that, they were with the allies.

The Saar region of Germany was occupied by the French from 1947 to 1956.

As a part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland fought against Germany, Italy, Japan and their allies.

There wasn't just one single country. The allies divided Germany and Berlin into East and West. The West was split into sectors controlled by the U.S., Great Britain, and France. The East was controlled by the Soviet Union.

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