Was Isis mother to bastet

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Q: Was Isis mother to bastet
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Who was Bastet mother?


Who was bastet's mother?

Isis, I think.

What is the name of bastet and sekhmet's mother?

Bastet's mother is sometimes told to be Isis while her father is Ra; Sekhmet's mother is not mentioned only that her father is Ra.

Who was bastet's parents?

ra and isis

Who were bastets siblings?

If the mother of Bastet was Isis, her brother was Horus; if a daughter of Ra her siblings include Shu and Tefnut.

Who was isis mother?

Nut is the mother of Isis.

Who was the mother of Khonsu?


How was bastet born or created?

Egyptain myth does not go into the creation or birth of Bast, she is told to be daughter of Atum or of Isis, or Isis and Ra.

How did Bastet form?

Bast was born from either Isis or Ra in ancient Egyptian myth.

Who are bastets friend's?

Bastet was identified with Hathor, Mut, Sekhmet, Tefnut; she was the daughter of Atum/Ra and soemtimes Isis; her consort was Ptah, she was also said to be mother of Anubis, or Mahes and Nefertem.

What animal was Bastet and what did she represent?

Bastet was a cat goddess and she represented protectiveness, good mother-ness, and cats.

Who was the most powerful goddess of ancient Egypt Why?

The most popular goddesses in Ancient Egypt were -Isis -Hathor -Bastet

Did Ra marry his mother?

No, I am a scientific researcher and no. Ra did not marry his mother. His parents were mortal and so he had nothing to do with them. My fellow scientists are starting to think that Ra even murdered his mother, having no affection for her what-so ever. Ra married lots of goddesses (Bastet, Hathor, Isis and so on) but never his mother.

How was bastet created or born?

Bastet was created by her father Re or Ra. She had no mother. It was believed she was created by his develping sperm in the ocean.

Does Bastet have any relatives?

Yes, Bastet has a father, the great sun god Ra. She is also the mother of the god of the moon, Khoshu.

What are some complex religions from early Egypt?

They weren't complex. look up Osiris, Isis, Ra, Sept, Horus, Bastet. they're all Egyptian gods/goddesses. They weren't complex. look up Osiris, Isis, Ra, Sept, Horus, Bastet. they're all Egyptian gods/goddesses.

What are facts about Bastet?

1)Bastet is a cat goddess, or the protector of cats.2)Bastet was respected highly throughout Egypt.3)Bastet was worshiped ever since the Second Dynasty.4)Bastet was the daughter of Ra, wife of Ptah, and mother of Mihos.5)Bastet is traced back to ever since 3000 B.C.

What did Isis symbolise?

Isis in the Egyptian goddess of Magic and she was the "Mother of all Goddesses."

Who is Isis in Egypt?

Isis was an Egyptian goddess. She was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus.

What did Isis believe?

Isis was worshipped as the archetypal wife and mother: love and affection.

Who was Ptah?

An Egyptian god of crafs who had Ra as a father and bastet as a mother

Who was the son of bastet?

The cat goddess bastet or otherwise known as bast was the daughter of Ra the sun god the wife of Ptah and the mother of minos.

Who was the bastets twin sister?

In Ancient Egyptian myth, Bastet did not have a twin sister. After the Greeks identified her with Artemis, Horus was identifed with Apollo and said to be her twin brother; Zeus/Ra was thier father and Isis/Leto thier mother.

What was isis the god of?

Isis was the goddess of immense magical power and the symbolic mother of the king.

Who is the goddess of mother hood and fertility?