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Was Jedidiah Strong Smith married?

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No. But at least one source shows that he had a child named Gordon Smith out of wedlock.

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Who was the first trailblazer to lead a group overland to California?

Jedidiah Strong Smith

Did Jedidiah Strong Smith have an education?

Jedediah Strong Smith was a 19th century general store owner and explorer, known for his exploration of the Rocky Mountains. No records exist of him having any schooling.

Who was the first American born explorer to cross into Nevada?

jedidiah strong smith-first american white skin hunter to cross sierra nevada

Discovered South Pass in the Oregon Country?

Jedidiah smith

What did Jedidiah Smith discovered?

He was the first white man in Yosemite

Who was Jedediah Smith married to?

sally strong was his mother he never got married

Did jedediah smith get married?

Sally Strong was actually his mother. he never got married and had no kids

Where was Anna smith strong born?

Anna Smith Strong was born on April 14, 1740 in Setauket, New York. She married Selah Strong in 1760 and they had nine children.

Was Jedidiah Smith a Mormon?

Unaware of any individual, Mormon or otherwise, with that name.

Who is the cowboy jedidiah?

just watched night at the museum - had to research "jedediah". Found info at geocities. Entire name is Jedediah Strong Smith, explorer in early 1800's. Not at all like Owen Wilsons character.

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