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No, he was conceived the usual human way. His father was just informed of this before the act by an angel of God.

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Q: Was John the Baptist immacuately conceived?
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Was John the Baptist conceived by the holy ghost?

No. the bible does not say that explicitly.

How was John the Baptist conceived?

To find out who conceived John the Baptist we must look at what is recorded in chapter one of Dr. Luke's Book, Luke, in the Bible. It is stated that, "… after those days his [Zacharias the priest's] wife Elisabeth conceived…" (verse 24). Therefore, the "Spirit" did not conceive John the Baptist, it was Elisabeth who conceived John the Baptist. If the question is who begat John the Baptist, we can also find the answer to that question in verse 13. The angel Gabriel told the priest Zacharias, "… thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John." The word "thee" in that passage is the Greek word σοί which literally means tothee, thine own (Strong's Concordance, G4671). So we know that John the Baptist was the literal biological son of his father Zacharias and his mother Elisabeth. The fact that she was barren (not able to have children) and in her old age when she conceived John the Baptist in itself was a miracle of God just like it was a miracle of God when Sarah, Abraham's wife, was barren and in her old age when she conceived their son Isaac. Answer written by Angel J. Farias on 12.19.08

Was John the Baptist a Catholic?

No, John the Baptist was Jewish.

Which was Jesus' cousin the apostle John or John the Baptist?

John the Baptist.

Was John the Baptist conceived without original sin?

Please note the bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. So John , his mother and father were sinners that is why they died.

When did Saint John Paul the Baptist become a saint?

There is a St. John the Baptist but no St. John Paul the Baptist.

Who was St. John the Baptist's wife?

John the Baptist was not married.

Who was John the Baptist's wife?

John the Baptist was never married.

What did John the Baptist baptise with?

John the Baptist baptised with water.

Was John the Baptist single or married?

John the Baptist was not married.

How many siblings does John the Baptist have?

John the baptist was not married.

What was John the Baptist real name?

There was no John the baptist an there was no Jesus.

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