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Was Kate sheppard born in Liverpool?

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maybe yes, maybe no

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Where is Kate Sheppard born?

Liverpool, England

Where was Kate Sheppard born?

Liverpool, England.

Who is kate sheppard?

Kate Sheppard got the right for women to voteShe was born in Liverpool, EnglandShe died in 1934She was born in 1847She is new zealands most famous suffragette

When and where was kate sheeppard born?

Kate Sheppard was born in Liverpool on 10th of March, 1847. Her family moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1868.

When was Kate Sheppard born?

Kate Sheppard was born on March 10, 1847.

Was Kate Sheppard an early settler?

Yes, because Kate Sheppard was born in England, and had to immigrate to New Zealand!

What is Kate Sheppard's birthday?

Kate Sheppard was born on March 10, 1847.

Was Kate Sheppard Rich Or Poor?

kate sheppard was just normal:]

Where was Kate Shepherd born?

Liverpool, England

Why is Kate Sheppard Retirement Village named after Kate Sheppard?

Because when she was old that was the retirement home she went to.

Was Kate Sheppard poor?


Who is Douglas sheppard?

Douglas sheppard is kate sheppard's only son

When did Kate sheppard die?

Kate Sheppard sadly died on the 13th of July 1934 in Christchurch , New Zealand ( which is where her memorial is now ) Kate Sheppard also had a husband - William lovell-smith ( died 1915 )

Why is Kate Sheppard a hero?

Cause she is.

Was Kate sheppard rich?


When did Kate Sheppard give women the right to vote?

Kate Sheppard gave women the right to vote on the 19 September 1893

Why did Kate Sheppard do what she did?

Kate Sheppard saw the system of votes for adult males only as unjust and unrepresentative for women so she did something about it.

What person is on the nz 10 dollar bill?

It is Kate Sheppard, born Catherine Wilson Malcolm, 10 March 1847 in Liverpool, Britain. Died 13 July 1934 (aged 87) Christchurch, New Zealand.

What did Kate Sheppard Do to become famous?

Kate Sheppard gave the freedom for women all over the world to begin voting! You Go Gal! :)

Who is on the nz 10 note?

Kate Sheppard

Where did Kate Sheppard live in nz?


Who does Sophie sheppard love?

kate Leonard

When did Kate Sheppard win the vote?


Who is Kate separd?

If you mean Kate Sheppard, historical figure-see below

How is Kate sheppard courageous?

well i dont think she is