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Q: Was King Tutankhamun the youngest pharoh?
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What did King Tutankhamun do to become important?

he was the youngest Pharoh to go to the throne (age 9) and there is mystery surrounding his death

Why is tutankhamun famous?

Tutankhamun is famous because he was the youngest Egyptian Pharaoh. Another name for him is "The Boy Pharoh"

What did Tutankhamun's job?


Was King Tutankhamun the youngest to ever be king?


Is King Tutankhamun the youngest ruler?

King tut was one of the youngest rulers ever.

Was King Tutankhamun a pharaoph?

Yes he was one of the youngest.

Why was King Tutankhamun's is Famous?

because he was the youngest... i think

Was King Tutankhamun the youngest pharoah?

I don't know but he was certainly one of the youngest.

Is King Tutankhamun famous because he was the youngest ruler?


How was King Tutankhamun became famous?

because he was the youngest king to rule egypt

Was King Tutankhamun the oldest kid in his family?

no he was actually one of the youngest

Why did they take King Tutankhamun's brain out?

This was part of a long process called mummifacation that took place before the burial of a pharoh

Why is it important that King Tutankhamun became king at the age of 9?

It's just that he was the youngest Egyptian king.

Why is King Tutankhamun one of the most well known Pharaohs?

He was the youngest pharaoh

Is King Tutankhamun the oldest pharaoh to reign over Egypt?

no he was actually the youngest

Why is the discovery of King Tutankhamun tomb so significant?

it was the only egyptian pharoh's tomb found un-touched in the modern day

Who was the second Egyptian pharaoh?

the answer is the second pharoh is king tut he was a king and a pharoh

Did the Ancient Egyptians call their ruler Pharoh or king?


Was there a younger ancient egyptian ruler then king tutankhamun?

No, he was th youngest at the age of 17-19.

What does Pharoh mean?


What is King Tutankhamun as a king?

Tutankhamun was an Egyptian king

Who succeeded King Tutankhamun?

Aye, his grandfather, succeeded King Tutankhamun.he made a strong milatry and the youngest king and re-established orthedontist belief

Who was king tutkahaten?

Its King Tutankhamun and he was a Pharoh in ancient Egypt in the 18th Dynasty. He is famous because of the discovery in 1922 by Howard Carter and George Herbert of his tomb. It recieved full news coverage at the time.

Who the youngest king in the Egypt?

through the reasearch, so far its tutankhamun as he was only 9 when he became king and died 9 yrs later.

How should King Tutankhamun be remembered in history?

As the boy king who ruled Egypt for 10 years.... and also being the youngest ever pharaoh and most probably the pharaoh who died at the youngest age.