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He was right.

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Q: Was Lincoln right or wrong about the issue of secession?
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What is definition of moral issue?

A moral issue would be one concerning the principles of right and wrong.

What does I stand corrected mean?

It means that you are right and I am wrong on whatever issue or subject.

Why is fighting uncivilized?

Strength has nothing to do with right or wrong or address the issue debated.

What word if spelled wrong is right but if spelled right is wrong?

The word is 'wrong'. Wrong is right if spelt wrong and if wrong is spelt right it is still wrong

What is an ethical issue?

An ethical issue is a problem that requires someone to choose between two things that need to be decided as right or wrong. An example of an ethical issue is that you know that your best friend is cheating on his wife, you don't want to tell her, but it still isn't right.

Who said if slavery is not wrong then nothing is wrong?


How did Abraham Lincoln favor the North over the South?

Abraham Lincoln favored the North over the South mostly because he felt that slavery is wrong. Lincoln gave his life to defend what he thought was truly right and he is remembered for that.

Who said if slavery is not wrong nothing is wrong?

Abraham Lincoln

Who opposed secession but did not believe that the Union should be held together by force?

Actually. it was Robert E Lee. Lincoln had no problem using force to hold the Union together. Her did see it as the last resort but he knew all along it would eventually come to force. Robert E. Lee did not want secession to happen but if it did felt is was wrong for force to be used to prevent it.

What is the Definition of a business issue how is it different from a risk?

A problem in which a a business is faced with a problem that requires the business to find an alternative that is either right or wrong. If I am correct, this is also known as ethical issue.

What did Lincoln name slavery?

Lincoln said slavery was wrong and unjust.

What word that if you pronounced wrong is right and if you pronounced it right is wrong?


What issue other than slavery contributed the secession of the southern states and the outbreak of the civil war?

the Missouri compromise, compromise of 1850, pottawatamie massacre, election of 1860, Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Fugitive Slave act, Caning of senator sumner, John brown raids...........hope i helped..:) Wrong, it was that the South was economicly different. The South thought they should have a weak central government and a stronger state government but the north thought the opposite. The election of Abraham Lincoln.

Is it wrong to aviod the re-married narcissistic wife not to see either ever or hear from her ever again?

That is not an issue of right or wrong. It depends on what you want to do and the effect it would have on others (not the narcissist).

Who said if slavery isn't wrong then nothing is wrong?

Abraham Lincoln

What word when pronounced wrong is right and when pronounced right is wrong?

Wrong. LOL!

What is right and what is wrong?

There are varying opinions on right and wrong but most societies have a similar view on right and wrong.

Which word is pronounced right is wrong but if pronounced wrong is right?

The word "wrong".

Which word when pronounced right is wrong but if pronounced wrong is right?

the word "wrong."

What word if pronounced right is wrong and if pronounced wrong is right?

The word "wrong."

Which word if pronounced right is wrong but if pronounced wrong is right?

The answer is "wrong." Because if you say the word "right," it's incorrect because the answer is "wrong." But if you say the word "wrong," you are correct because the answer is "wrong."

What did Lincoln do to get shot?

Lincoln did absolutely nothing wrong to get shot. The only reason it happened was because John Wilkes Booth was a southerner, and it was right after the Civil War. Be was angry with Lincoln's decisions as President, so he decided killing would probably be the best choice.

What does Lincoln mean by this If slavery isn't wrong then nothing is wrong?

It was owning other people that was seriously wrong.

In the end what is right will be wrong and what is wrong will be right?

That's an interesting philosiphy but...... its wrong ! If something is right it is right . If something is wrong it is wrong but who is saying what is wrong and who is saying what is right ?_________________________________________ _______________________Although you said what is right so ... hey its just wrong okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_______________________________________________________________It is wrong.The above statetment is wrong when you read it rightly while it is right when you read it wrongly.

Is capital punishment right or wrong?

Some people may think it is write or wrong. Everyone has an oppinion there is no right or wrong answer. You can think it is right or wrong there is no real answer.