Was Mark Harmon in Star Wars?

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No. Mark Hamill was Luke. Mark Harmon has many acting credits, but Star Wars isn't one of them.
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How can you get in touch with Mark Harmon?

Fans can send mail to: Mark Harmon, Wings Productions, Inc., 2236-AEncinitas Boulevard, Encinitas, CA 92024 USA. Mark Harmon was bornon September 2, 1951.

Are Angie and Mark Harmon related?

Angie Harmon is NOT Mark Harmon's ex-wife. Mark Harmon has never been married to Angie Harmon, nor are they related. Mark Harmon married the beautiful Pam Dawber March 21, 1987. She was Mindy of Mork and Mindy. Mark and Pam have one of the longest and strongest marriages in the entertainment indu ( Full Answer )

Was Mark Harmon a UCLA quarterback?

Yes, Mark Harmon the actor was not only quarterback for the Bruins in the 1972-1973 season, he won the National Football Foundation Award for all-round excellence. At least one of the televised games he played in was announced by his father, Tom Harmon, All American at University of Michigan and ann ( Full Answer )

Were did mark harmon go to school?

Graduated from UCLA. He also attended Pierce Junior College. His high schools were Harvard School and Notre Dame. He never went to Harvard or Notre Dame. His high school was a college prep school in or near Hollywood.

Does Mark Harmon wear a wig?

Yes, Mark Harmon wears a wig due to hair loss--without the toupee he looks like his father.

Does Mark Harmon have a girlfriend?

Mark Harmon (currently Gibbs on CBS's hit series 'NCIS') is married to Pam Dawber (Mindy of 'Mork and Mindy'). They married in 1987 and have two sons - Sean and Ty.

Was mark harmon in Star Trek?

No Mark Harmon has never appeared in any of the Star Trek Franchised Movies or Television Series'.

Does mark harmon smoke?

No, he doesn't. When he was yunger he did, but he quit. He is more like chocolate tipe. ;)

Does Mark Harmon walk with a limp?

Yes he does, this is due to a problem with his knee from when he was playing baseball. Actually He played Football not Baseball on the 1972-73 UCLA Bruins team.

What is the braclet that mark harmon wears?

It is a bracelet that his daughter Kelly made for him before she was killed because she witnessed a drug connected murder along with her mother.

Did Mark Harmon leave NCIS?

At the end of season 3 (Hiatus) Gibbs leaves the team, only to return and the start of season 4 and take back the role of headslapper, functional mute and all-around good guy. (most of the time! :P)

What did Mark Harmon star in?

Mark Harmon stared in NCIS as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs,Flamingo Road as Feilding Carlyle,St. Elsewhere as Dr. Robert "Bobby"Caldwell, Reasonable Doubts as Det. Dicky Cobb, and Chicago Hope as Dr. Jack McNeil.

Does Mark Harmon wear a toupee?

It is rumored that Harmon wears a hair piece, but he has neverpublicly admitted to doing so.

How old was Mark Hamill in Star Wars?

Mark Hamill was born on September 25, 1951. And the first Star Wars film was released in May 1977. So Mark Hamill was almost 26 years old when the first film was released.

What did mark harmon first play?

The first on screen appearance for Mark Harmon was as the character Paul Donin In the series "Police Woman" for one episode in 1975 In that same year he also starred in "Emergency!" as Officer Dale Gordon and in "Adam-12" as Officer Gus Corbin, I hope this answers your question, Gus.

Why is mark harmon wearing a sling?

His character on NCIS is wearing a sling due to pushing Special Agent McGee out of the way of a speeding car and getting himself injured in the process.

Who did mark harmon dated on ncis?

As per his character Leroy Jethro Gibbs, he has had a romantic relationship with many women. a. Shannon - His First Wife who gets killed by a Mexican Drug Lord b. 3 wifes - One of the wife characters comes up in one of the episodes where her boy friend is a suspect, but she did not re-appear c. J ( Full Answer )

Are there photos of Mark Harmon as Ted Bundy?

Yes. You are refering to the TV movie starring Mark Harmon called 'The Deliberate Stranger' from 1986. Google Mark Harmon as Ted Bundy and hit images and there you go. I thought Harmon did a fine job portraying Bundy and captured Bundy's creepyness without over-playing the part. Bundy was a comple ( Full Answer )

Was Mark Harmon from NCIS a figure skater?

Mark Harmon was not a figure skater. He's been an actor the whole time. Before that he went to UCLA where he played quarterback. He was also a shoe salesman and a carpenter while waiting for his acting career to take off. The skater you're trying to think of is Mark Hamill.

Is mark harmon a strict father?

Mark is reticent about his personal life in interviews and as not to my knowledge ever spoken about his views on discipline when parenting but he has spoken of his own father's approach to discipline and frequently being spanked as a youngster.

Does mark harmon have children with Pam?

Two boys, Sean Thomas and Tyron Christian. In fact, Sean appeared in a couple of NCIS episodes playing a young Gibbs, Heartland was one episode where he meets Shannon for the first time at the train station.

Does mark harmon have siblings?

Yes, he has two older sister's: ~ Kristin Nelson (born Kristin Harmon on June 25, 1945) ~ Kelly Harmon

Is Mark Harmon Republican?

Yes he is. He recently attacked the liberal media for the lies they tell. He also is a registered Republican and he voted for Bush and Mcain.

Did Mark Harmon serve in Vietnam?

No. Mark Harmon was a Carpenter in real life before his success as an actor. His character Jethro Gibbs was a Marine who served multiple tours to different countries. Panama, Mexico and Columbia. He was a Sniper with the Marines.

Does mark harmon have bad knees?

He and his character Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS has bad knees. He always takes the stairs up and elevators down and he even talks about it multiple times on the show. In the episode Childs Play - the little girl Angela asks him why he does so and he explains that he has bad knees.

Does mark Harmon have arthritis?

As of August 2013, it has not been confirmed by Mark Harmon or hispublicist, as to whether or not he has arthritis.

Has Mark Harmon ever won an Emmy?

No. But he has been nominated twice. Harmon received a 1976-1977 Emmy nod as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for his performance as soldier Robert Dunlap in "Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years." He was nominated again for the 2001-2002 season as Outstanding Guest Actor ( Full Answer )

Is merle harmon related to mark harmon?

No. The late sportscaster was not related to the star of television's "NCIS" series. Mark Harmon is the son of the late Tom Harmon, who won the 1940 Heisman Trophy as a tailback and kicker for the University of Michigan.

Does mark Harmon have a disability?

There are actually a few episodes where you can see that he has a problem with one leg. It seems that he has an old football (I think it was football) injury in one knee that has caused that leg to appear knock-kneed.

Are Mark Harmon and Butch Harmon related?

I don't think so. Mark Harmon has two older sisters, no brothers. I suppose they could be cousins, but Mark is from California, Butch from New York.

Did Mark Harmon support Barack Obama?

While some people mistakenly believe that Mark is related to actress Angie Harmon, a noted Republican activist, they are not related. Angie has been very vocal about her politics, but Mark has not. In fact, Mark has said little about his political views, so we can only speculate about which candidat ( Full Answer )

What has the author Mark D Harmon written?

Mark D. Harmon has written: 'Crashing the commission' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Knox County (Tenn.). County Commission, Knoxville University of Tennessee, Officials and employees, Knox County (Tenn.)., Politicians, County officials and employees, College teachers, Faculty, Social con ( Full Answer )

What has the author Mark E Harmon written?

Mark E Harmon has written: 'Long-term experiments on log decomposition at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest' -- subject(s): Wood, Forest ecology, Chemistry, Deterioration