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There are no verses, but she was not sinless. Only Jesus was. If she were sinless, then she would have been able to die for our sins.

The Bible is clear that Jesus is the only one, and the only way to the Father.

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a. No the Bible does not state that Mary was sinless. It states that she was pure and a faithful servant to God. This means she was faithful to God and a virgin, but not sinless. In fact the Bible says that the only sinless person is Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus is the Son of God and was sent to earth to save humans from their sins. "For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23). The word all in this verse includes Mary, she was a faithful servant of God, but she wasn't sinless.

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Q: Was Mary sinless find verses
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Why did Mary Jesus mother go to the temple for sin offerings following His birth if she was sinless?

she was not sinless. no one was sinless but Jesus Christ

Was Mary the Mother of God sinless?

Yes. As the Mother of God to be, she was chosen by Him for her purity and sinless life.

What is the meaning of immaculate when referring to the Virgin Mary?

This means that the Virgin Mary was sinless.

Who is a galilean woman who was sinless and full of grace?


Who is the galilean woman who was sinless and full of grace?

The galilean woman who was sinless and full of grace is also known as The Virgin Mary or Mary the Mother of God. She was also called Mariam.

Why did God use a poor servant girl to give birth to Jesus?

That's what He was looking for. She loved God and followed His Commandments. This does not mean she was sinless, only Jesus was sinless. Mary had need of a savior as we all do.

A galilean woman who was sinless and full of grace?

The description fits Mary, the mother of Jesus in Christian tradition. She is revered for her purity and is often referred to as the "full of grace."

How do we know that Mary is sinless?

In 1854 Pope Pius IX declared that Mary was conceived without original sin (Immaculate Conception). This was interpreted to be that she never sinned throughout her life.

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you can find Bible verses from the Bible, and the internet.

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