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The name Mary appears in 46 verses in the New Testament. The name Mary referrers to at least five different woman.

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Q: Which Scriptures are Mary in?
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Was Mary Jesus' mother with him when he entered Jerusalem?

The scriptures do not tell us if Mary was present. However, since she was present at the crucifixion a few days later, she was probably present in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Why isn't the scriptures of Mary Magdalene present in the bible and is she the disciple who Jesus loved?

Mary Magdalene is indeed mentioned in the Bible. If you are referring to writings under her name, then these are not in the Bible because they contain details which are untrue.

Did Mary the promiscuous women whom Jesus saved have children?

Mary Magdalene was mistakenly identified as a promiscuous woman by an early Pope of the church. It was later determined that two women were mentioned closely together in the scriptures and the promiscuous woman was not Mary Magdalene. An apology was made by the church for this error. There is no Biblical record of this Mary having any children. She is reguarded as a saint.

What are scriptures?

Scriptures are religious texts.

How many scriptures have the word if?

362525263526 scriptures

Who were Mary's parents?

The apocryphal Gospel of James states that the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary were Saint Anne and Saint Joachim. There is nothing in canonical scriptures to verify this but the Church has traditionally called them by these names.

Was Jesus the oldest of his siblings?

After Jesus' birth, Joseph and Mary had other children, Jesus' half brothers and sisters. From the scriptures we can conclude that Jesus had four brothers, and at least two sisters. ((Matthew 1:25; 13:55, 56; Mark 6:3)

When was Twisted Scriptures created?

Twisted Scriptures was created in 1997.

What is the ISBN of Twisted Scriptures?

The ISBN of Twisted Scriptures is 0310234085.

Are written words in the Bible called scriptures?

The bible IS the scriptures.

Where did the Baptists get their rules from?

Their tenets are based on Biblical Scriptures and their interpretation of the Scriptures.

What two men in the bible erred in the scriptures?

men erred in the scriptures