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Yes he was in a school play called Annie.

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What school was Anne Sullivan from?

Annie Sullivan was from the school called, Perkins Institution

Annie and her brothers at- school?

Annie and her brothers are at school.

Did Annie Etheridge go to school?

Did Annie Etheridge go to school?

When was Annie Wright School created?

Annie Wright School was created in 1884.

Did Annie Oakley go to school?

yes Annie oakley went to a central school

What is the motto of Annie Wright School?

The motto of Annie Wright School is 'From strength to strength'.

Did Annie oakley attend school or college?

no annie oakley didnt go to school

When was Annie Walsh Memorial School created?

Annie Walsh Memorial School was created in 1849.

When was Annie Besant School Allahabad created?

Annie Besant School Allahabad was created in 1926.

What is Annie oakleys favorite subject?

Annie Oakley did not go to school!

Who is Matthew werkmeister's girlfriend?

Charlotte Best-Annie Campbell from Home and Away

Did Annie oakley go to college?

no Annie never attend college or any school

What has the author Annie McCartney written?

Annie McCartney has written: 'The developing school project'

Is Daniel Froom married to Annie?

Yes Daniel froom from ladybridge high school, aged 13 years old is married to a girl caled Annie who existed in the 1930's. The character Annie is set from a musical titled "Annie" We believe that Daniel Froom and Annie Froom made a child called Dannie Junior Froom...By Reece

Why is Annie wright school the stupidest school in the history of the universe?

it isn't

Who is Annie Hartridge in the book''Goodnight Mr Tom''?

Annie Hartidge is the school teacher

When was Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary School created?

Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary School was created in 1961.

Why didn't Annie Oakley Attend school?

Because of poverty following the death of her father, Annie did not regularly attend school.

What happened to Annie lytle school?

the inside of the school was caught on fire -amp

Does the anne wright school have dorms?

yes. the name of the school is Annie Wright.

Did Annie Oakley go to high school?

She didn't finish high school.

What former star of Broadways Annie married Matthew Broderick who starred in The Producers?

Sarah Jessica Parker

What former star of Broadway's Annie married Matthew Broderick who starred in The Producers?

Sarah Jessica Parker

What is the dog in Annie called?


Is Annie the musical also a book?

Annie the musical actually originated from a comic strip called Little Orphan Annie by Harold Gray.