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theoretically Medusa was was never seen but a lot of the Greek people say that they have seen her.

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Was the devil ever seen?

There is no proof that the devil has ever been seen.

Was Medusa ever married?

no Medusa was never married.

Did Isis ever met Medusa?

There is no myth about Isis and Medusa.

Did Medusa ever got married?

no medusa was never married she was a loaner thbe whole of her life.

Has god ever been seen?

yes in our prayres

Has an alien ever been seen?

Apparently, there have been strange sightings, but there has been no evidence or proof that an extraterrestrial being (alien) has actually been seen.

How tall is Medusa?

No human knows, since no human has seen her.

Where was Medusa at when she died?

No exact location is ever given for the Gorgons, though it is generally thought to have been somewhere in North Africa.

Has a unicorn ever been seen?

Yes, but some of the sightings have been forgotten.

Will mosquitoes ever be extinct?

If you have ever been to, or seen the Canadian forests in the early morning... You have your answer.

Was Medusa ever cursed?

Yes, Medusa was cursed from the goddess called Athena. Athena got jealous from medusa's beauty because everyone wanted Medusa. Athena decided to curse Medusa. Now Medusa is a monster and has snakes for hair, Medusa got cursed so badly that Athena made the curse that if anyone looks at medusa will turn to stone. This teaches every god not to ever look at Medusa's face and or never to get interested in her.

Where was the first known mermaid seen?

None have really ever been seen. They come from myths.

What is the longest column if army ants ever seen?

70,000 ants have been seen together

Has an atom ever been seen?

No. Many scientists will claim they have, or claim they are showing your pictures of atoms, but no human has ever actually seen atoms.

Have aliens ever been seen?

Not that anyone knows and has proven.

Has Santa been seen at night on Christmas eve?

No nobody has ever reported a sighting of him ever

What is the longest column of army ants ever seen?

70,000 has been the most seen at one time

Why was Medusa so ugly?

She was once the most beautiful goddess of them all. But then when Aphrodite was born, she got jealous of Medusa. So she put a spell on Medusa so that she could become the most hideous goddess ever. And that is what happen to Medusa!!

Was there ever a comet?

Yes, there are many comets that have been seen by people.

Was there ever any real vampires sited?

No vampires have ever been seen, nor has any irrefutable proof of their existence been found.

Was Medusa ever nice?

yes until she got raped then cursed

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