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Was Napoleon Bonaparte ever involved with the US?

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He was involved with the sale of the Louisiana Purchase.

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The permanent and lasting effect on the US relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte was the Louisiana Purchase.

No, he was the seller, and the US was the buyer.

It made the Louisiana Purchas for $15 million.

The sale of the Louisiana Purchase changed the US geography.

France, which was under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte.

He sold the Louisiana Territory to the US for $15 million.

The US bought it from France, which was then headed by Napoleon Bonaparte.France.Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803Napoleon, Emperor of France , made the sell.FranceNapoleon Bonaparte, the ruler of France15 million 1From France in 1803. Napoleon had problems in Haiti, hostilities with England, debt, an Invasion of England Fleet to build which meant further debt, and decided to insult the English by backing away from new world claims with a clean Bill of Sale to the US.I believe the French sold the Louisiana Territory to the U.SNapoleon BonoparteFrance sold the Louisiana Territory to the United StatesFranceNapoleon that sold Louisiana to the US.James Madison secretery called George WashingtonThe Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France.napolen bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was the French leader who sold the Louisiana territory to the United States in 1803. The US terms its payment for the territory as the Louisiana Purchase.

Napoleon Bonaparte (France) sold the United States the Louisiana Purchase for $15,000,000.

The negotiators for the Us were Robert R. Livingstone and James Monroe.

He sold it some prime real estate at bargain basement prices.

He needed the cash and it created problems for the British.

The reason Napoleon Bonaparte, sold his piece of land in the US is because at the time he was at War, his country was in debt and he needed the money to pay for things so he sold it for 15million dollars. He sold it to the Americans it was the Louisiana Territory.

James Monroe and Robert Livingston were the US negotiators.

Napoleon Bonaparte was the ruler who decided to sell all that land to the US.

Thomas Jefferson purchased the land from Napoleon Bonaparte for $15 Million so Napoleon could fund his war efforts.

foreign countries French-(Napoleon Bonaparte) & Great Britain

He didn't have enough money to fight a war with Britain.

The us purchased the louisiana territory from Napoleon Bonaparte. It cost about 15 million dollars.

In Point Breeze, near Bordentown in New Jersey, 25 miles from Philadelphia.

If you are a US Citizen, then you live in a nation that spreads from "Sea to Shining Sea" because of the Louisiana Purchase.

Unable to develop or defend New France, Napoleon sold Louisiana to the US in 1803, in part to pay for his wars in Europe and against England.

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