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Some parts of the city like CoOp City in the Bronx were. There is also College Point, Queens that was built on a swamp ground. in fact, it used to be a small airport, however that was eventually closed down. It is a known fact to this day that college point is actually sinking. If you look at the highways that lead you into College point, you'll notice the changes in the level of water every year and how they get higher and higher. Due to the fact that it was built ontop of a swamp, there also has to be frequent construction every few years to rectify this and to prevent the area from sinking. There was quicksand in the Times Square area. In 1904, the Hotel Darlington was being constructed on West 46th between 5th and 6th Avenues and it collapsed killing 25 workers because it was partially built on quicksand. The owner of the Hotel Patterson on the 47th St side of the block had quicksand trouble when building his hotel and had to go down 30 feet efore they hit bedrock.

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Q: Was New York City built on swamp ground?
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