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Yes: after he initially escapes from Fagin, he is kidnapped by Nancy and Bill while on an errand for Mr. Brownlow and returned to Fagin.

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Who is the most intresting character in Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist of course

Who is actor named Oliver?

oliver twist oliver twist

Who was the Protagonist in Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist.

What is the atmosphere in Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist

Who is the main character in Oliver Twist?

oliver twist

Who is the most interesting character in Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist.

Who illustrated Oliver Twist?

Oliver Twist was illustrated by George Crookshank.

What was the conflict of Oliver Twist?

oliver twist is an orphan he layas at their house

Why did he call his book Oliver Twist?

because he was in an oliver twist

What height did fagin have in oliver twist?

how hight was fagin in oliver twist

In Oliver Twist What chapter does fragin turn Oliver Twist into a thief?

Fagin turns Oliver Twist into a thief in chapters 3 and 4.

What year was Oliver Twist set?

Oliver Twist is Set in the 1830's

Protagonist of Oliver Twist?

the protagonist of this story is Oliver Twist and the antagonist is Fagin

What was Charles Dickens second novel called?

Oliver twist Oliver twist

Who created Oliver the twist?

You mean Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens created him.

What time era is Oliver Twist in?

Oliver Twist is placed in the Victorian era.

What was the Production Budget for Oliver Twist?

The Production Budget for Oliver Twist was $65,000,000.

What are some movies with similar themes to Oliver Twist other then the Oliver Twist movies?

David copperfeild is a realitivly alike book to Oliver Twist

What is the bad experience in life of Oliver Twist?

The bad experiences in the life of Oliver Twist are detailed thoroughly in the novel Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens.

Who wrote Oliver Twist and when?

It was Charles Dickens who wrote Oliver Twist He wrote it in 1838

When was Oliver Twist made into a movie?

The first Oliver twist movie was made in 1922.

What is the ISBN of Oliver Twist?

The ISBN of Oliver Twist is 91-1-937201-9.

Which book was Oliver adapted from?

oliver twist

When was Oliver Twist - character - created?

Oliver Twist - character - was created in 1838.

When was The Oliver Twist Manifesto created?

The Oliver Twist Manifesto was created on 2001-07-02.