Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Was Pokemon Diamond the best Pokemon?


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Diamond is not a Pokemon but i think Arceus is one of the strongest Pokemon ever.


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the best Pokemon on diamond would be arceus but you can only get that from action replay, other than that i think the best Pokemon would be giritina..

the best Pokemon for the Pokemon league is definetly latios

the best Pokemon in diamond is arceus, but you have to use action replay or wi-fi mystery gift

No Arceus is the best Pokemon in Pokémon Diamond.

The best Pokemon on Pokemon diamond is obviously a Bidoof...Joke :)No this is entirley an opinion based question but the best aka most powerful,and most defensive is Diagla

the best Pokemon to pick at the start is PIPLUP or CHIMCHAR

in my opinion Pokemon diamond is the best; i have both games but i don't play them.i have played both of them before, but diamond is the best- and its my birth stone =)

There is no best Pokemon.All Pokemon are weak and strong against others.

Palkia, (Dialga for diamond) Arceus, and Spiritomb are some of the best.

the best Pokemon you can get is arceus. i know because i have one.

The best Pokemon to have in Pokemon diamond is Arceus because he has the best stats in Pokemon diamond. Answer 2 Marowak and Latios are better. Answer 3 Dragonite would have to be the best! It has great stats, is immune to a lot of types and can learn many moves like fire-type moves to deal with super effective ice-types.

Totodile is the best starter for pokemon diamond.( Totodile,Croconow and Feraligator)(evolutions)

The best fishing spot on Pokemon diamond is the 3 lakes where u can also find mesprit uxie and azelf

There are some, but a Machoke will be the Best

It depends if you have a way you can cheat or not

You can find the bestest,rarest, Pokemon is to go to

Pokemon diamond n pearl it has the recentest Pokemon on and its better graphix

it depends on what Pokemon type u want to faint

darkrai arceas (with plate)

The best Pokemon team in diamond is piplup, shinx, starly, machop, budew, and cranidos

I think arceus is the the strongest Pokemon in diamond and pearl. Also no moves are supereffective on Spiritomb and arceus

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