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Was Ponce de Leons expedition a failure?

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Yes, he didn't find the Fountain of Youth.

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Who paid for Ponce De Leons expedition?

He sponsored his own trip.

Ponce De Leons birthday?

what is ponce de leons birthday

What was ponce de leons ship called?

what was juan ponce de leons ship called?

Who was ponce de leons wife?

leonor ponce de leon

How can you describe juan ponce de leons crew?

ponce de leons crew was strong loyal and trust worthy

What was ponce de leons route of exploration?

what were the routes ponce de leon went on

When was ponce de leons voyage?

ponce De Leon's first voyage was in February 1512

What is the name of ponce de leons ship?

The three ships used in his first expedition to Florida were the Santiago, the San Cristobal and the Santa Maria de la Consolacion.

Ponce de leons ship?

ponce de leon was a European explorer. his journey was to reach the foutain of youth.

Juan ponce de leons childhood?

he was born in the sea.

Who was Ponce de Leons parents names?

no one realy knows who's Ponce de leon's parents name are

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