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Was Princess Diana murdered?


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January 11, 2012 7:44PM

According to investigators that have worked on the case of her death since its actual occurrence in 1997, no, she was not. The Royal Family issued a statement saying that they hoped that these conclusions would quiet conspiracy theories.

However, only one member of the royal family read the document on the extensive investigation in full--the Queen; reportedly, she said that, however conclusive or inconclusive the report was "nothing will satisfy Mr. Al- Fayed."

Al Fayed, father of Diana's lover Dodi who died with her in the car accident, remains insistent that his son and the Princess were murdered. Charles, Diana's ex-husband, said that there was "not a shred of truth" to Al- Fayed's allegations that the Royal Family plotted to kill Diana.

Conspiracy theorists believe that British intelligence murdered the Princess, acting on Prince Philip's orders. It is believed by Al-Fayed and those who agree with him that a) Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child. b) the two were going to be engaged. and c) the British Monarchy could not stand the idea of the mother of the future king marrying a Muslim.

Other sources disagree, as do both the French and British inquiries. Diana's (un-named here) friend said that she knew for a fact that the woman was not pregnant. Diana's son and closest confidante, William, also insists that, had Diana been with child, she would have told him and his brother.

It is known that the driver of the car that crashed had huge sums of unexplained money in his bank account. After interviewing Secret Service agents, and investigating the man, detectives finally concluded that the money, however mysterious, was nothing to do with the crash.

The driver was reportedly intoxicated--three times over the legal limit--at the time. He had in fact been drinking at the bar of the Ritz hotel where Diana and Dodi were eating supper with Dodi's bodyguard. The bodyguard, who survived the crash, said that he thought the man (named Henri Paul) had been drinking pineapple juice. When his check was later examined, it was discovered that he had consumed a liquid that could pass as pineapple juice when diluted with water. Even though people say that 'the paparazzi killed her', or that 'Prince Charles payed someone to kill her', her untimely death was actually caused by her driver- who had been intoxicated.