Princess Diana

Princess Diana is the former wife of Prince Charles of Wales who died in an automobile accident in 1997. More than 1 billion people worldwide tuned in to watch her funeral.

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Princess Diana
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What is Princess Diana's ex-husband's name?

Prince Charles.

Princess Diana

Who were Princess Diana's bridesmaids?

Clementine Hambro, 5, Catherine Cameron, 6, Sarah-Jane Gaselee, 11, India Hicks, 13, and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, 17

Princess Diana
Beanie Babies

How much are your old Beanie Babies worth?

it really depends on how old your beanie babies are. like it there 2 days old, not that much. but if there a couple of decades or the first made then you could get a few hundred thousand off them. trust me. i have a toy manufacturer for a dad. i would know these things.

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Princess Diana

Did Queen Elizabeth kill Princess Diana?


Baby Names
Princess Diana

What are the names of Shreks babies in Shrek the Third?

Shrek and Fiona actually have three children, triplets, and their names are Fargus(boy), Fergle(boy) and Felicia(girl).

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Princess Diana

Did Camilla Parker Bowles choose Princess Diana's wedding gown?

No, that was another of Charles's close friends, the late 'Kanga' Tryon, who ran a popular dress boutique.

Princess Diana

Is April Summers married?

Yes she's married to a big hunky bodybuilder. She's been working out a lot herself. She still travels as a dancer. They live in Florida and have two daughters. Check out her face book page.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Princess Diana

What is the value of Princess Diana stamps?

Diana and Charles were a popular topic for postage stamps from many countries. You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research. There are lots of stamps issued and they vary in value from almost nothing to some nice values.

Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. First of all, you have to identify the specific stamp or card. That in itself can be a daunting task, but most of the catalogs are well illustrated with lots of information. Once you know what item you have, the catalog will provide a set of prices that can be used to estimate value. The value is what a collector could expect to pay for a stamp in fine/very fine condition. If selling, most cases you would be lucky to get 25% of the catalog, unless it is very valuable, then an auction would be worth looking into. The most common American catalog for identification is Scott's. Others are Stanley Gibbons, Minkus and even the US Postal Service Catalog of stamps.

*Because these were made after the 1930's most dealers will only pay 1/2 face. You are more likely to get more from a Diana fan or Stamp collector.

Princess Diana
English to Hebrew

How do you say my little princess in Hebrew?

neh-see-kha-TEE hah-ktah-NAH (נסיכתי הקטנה)

Prince Charles
Princess Diana

What did Charles and Diana eat after they got married?

Prince Charles
Princess Diana

Why was princess Diana's wedding called a fairy tale wedding?

Because the Palace and the press wanted it to look like one, and the public liked playing along.

But it was nothing of the kind. He was never in love with her. In fact, they used to say that every man on earth was in love with her, except her husband.

In other words, she had been used all along by the Royal family, and that is why she came to hate them, and reacted by favouring Islamic men.

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Was Princess Diana murdered?

According to investigators that have worked on the case of her death since its actual occurrence in 1997, no, she was not. The Royal Family issued a statement saying that they hoped that these conclusions would quiet conspiracy theories.

However, only one member of the royal family read the document on the extensive investigation in full--the Queen; reportedly, she said that, however conclusive or inconclusive the report was "nothing will satisfy Mr. Al- Fayed."

Al Fayed, father of Diana's lover Dodi who died with her in the car accident, remains insistent that his son and the Princess were murdered. Charles, Diana's ex-husband, said that there was "not a shred of truth" to Al- Fayed's allegations that the Royal Family plotted to kill Diana.

Conspiracy theorists believe that British intelligence murdered the Princess, acting on Prince Philip's orders. It is believed by Al-Fayed and those who agree with him that a) Diana was pregnant with Dodi's child. b) the two were going to be engaged. and c) the British Monarchy could not stand the idea of the mother of the future king marrying a Muslim.

Other sources disagree, as do both the French and British inquiries. Diana's (un-named here) friend said that she knew for a fact that the woman was not pregnant. Diana's son and closest confidante, William, also insists that, had Diana been with child, she would have told him and his brother.

It is known that the driver of the car that crashed had huge sums of unexplained money in his bank account. After interviewing Secret Service agents, and investigating the man, detectives finally concluded that the money, however mysterious, was nothing to do with the crash.

The driver was reportedly intoxicated--three times over the legal limit--at the time. He had in fact been drinking at the bar of the Ritz hotel where Diana and Dodi were eating supper with Dodi's bodyguard. The bodyguard, who survived the crash, said that he thought the man (named Henri Paul) had been drinking pineapple juice. When his check was later examined, it was discovered that he had consumed a liquid that could pass as pineapple juice when diluted with water. Even though people say that 'the paparazzi killed her', or that 'Prince Charles payed someone to kill her', her untimely death was actually caused by her driver- who had been intoxicated.

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Princess Diana

What day of the week did Princess Diana die?

If she die on August 31 1997 then she died on a Sunday.

History of England
Princess Diana

What was Princess Diana's brother's poem to her on her burial in 1997?

= Time is too slow for those who wait.

by Henry Van Dyke =

Time is too slow for those who wait,

too swift for those who fear,

too long for those who grieve,

too short for those who rejoice,

but for those who love,

time is eternity. There is a link to a website giving her brother's (and other's) tributes to Diana

Princess Diana

What is Dodi Al-Fayed's father's name?

Mohammed Fayed - though often pretends it's Mohammed Al-Fayed, because it sounds classier.

Princess Diana

How did princess amen ra die?

There is no Princess Amen-Ra. That story was just created as part of the Titanic Curse urban legend which is not true because the Titanic's cargo list never listed a mummy or anything Egyptian as part of its voyage the day it sank.

Amen-Ra is an Egyptian god from Egyptian mythology considered the creator of all things and was worshiped greatly by his people.

The base of the urban legend was just a coffin lid, no mummy or coffin or anything. It belonged to the Priestess of Amun and is displayed in a British museum. According to museum officials, with the exception of during war and during special exhibits, the sarcophagus lid has never left the museum.

Princess Diana
Mother Teresa

How many days after Princess Diana's death was the death of Mother Teresa announced?


Princess Diana

What is princess Tianas last name?

she doesn't have one

Princess Diana
Dianna Agron

Who are Dianna Agron's parents?

Ronald and Mary Agron.

Princess Diana

Why the stamp is called weeping princess?

The stamp is of Princess Elizabeth, and there's a tear drop under her right eye.

Stamp Collecting (Philately)
Home Equity and Refinancing
Princess Diana

How much is a USA G stamp worth?

There are actually 4 different G Stamps (Old Glory), each worth a different amount. They were printed because the postal rates were not approved with enough advance notice to print the required quantities of new stamps. There was also a "makeup" G stamp issued (Dove stamp) worth 3 cents.

Old Glory First Class (Scott 2881) 32 cents - first class rate US only

Old Glory Postcard (Scott 2879) - 20 cents

Old Glory Nonprofit Presort (Scott 2893) 5 cents

Old Glory First Class Presort (Scott 2888) - 25 cents (blue)

If you have a stamp that has no value printed on it, such as the G stamp, you can visit the USPS link below, which provides a picture of all the non-denominated stamps and their face value. Match up the pictures and words to find the correct value for the one you have. They are still valid for postage.

Prince Charles
Princess Diana

Did Princess Diana cheat on Charles?

Supposedly not until she knew that he had been.

But contrary to the Palace version of the story, she had met James Hewitt before she was married, and the two of them had made rapport, though probably on a platonic basis.

When Charles started to neglect her - much earlier than in the Palace version - she turned to Hewitt for emotional support, and then it was certainly not platonic.

Princess Diana

Where was Diana's residence in London before she died?

Kensington Palace

Princess Diana

How far is paddington station from St Pauls Cathedral?

About 5 miles.

Princess Diana

What is orange and smells like blue paint?

Blue Paint. Because paint all smells the same.


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