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Q: Was Sally Tompkins against slavery
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Who was Sally Louisa Tompkins married to?

sally Tompkins was married to Mr.Tompkins. DA!

What was Sally Louisa Tompkins Parents names?

Sally Louisa Tompkins' parents were Christopher Tompkins and Martha Pattillo Tompkins.

What is Sally Tompkins husband's name?

Cristopher Tompkins

When was Captain Sally Tompkins born?

Captain Sally Tompkins was born on November 9, 1833

Who was the southerner who esrablidged a hospital for soldiers in Richmond Virginia?

Sally Tompkins

What Sally Tompkins did for the confederate side during the US Civil War?

Sally Tompkins was on the south side

Where did Sally tompkins live?

Sally Tompkins lived in the state of Virginia all of her life. She was a nurse that was commissioned in the Confederate Army.

Which women played a similar role as Sally Tompkins in the north?

Clara Barton played a similar role as Sally Tompkins. I hope that this answer helped. :)

Who was Sally tompkins?

she was a true hero and died with honor of the confederate's honor

When did Sally Tompkins die?

July 26, 1916

Was Sally Tompkins on the union or confederate side?


What did sally tompkins do?

Sally Tompkins ran her own hospital throughout the civil war.She was well known for her neatness. She cared for over 1000 patients in her career of that 73 died.