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Q: Was Sasquatch killed?
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What explorer killed millions of Native Americans?

Sasquatch and his tribe of Soiux children

How do you say sasquatch in Italian?


What do you call an infant sasquatch?

Bigfoot, Plural: Bigfoot, Adult Name: Sasquatch, Plural: Sasquatch

Who has been killed by a Sasquatch?

I'm sorry but no one will answer that question even if they are dead because they won't be able to reply to your question

When was Sasquatch Mountain created?

Sasquatch Mountain was created in 2006.

What are sasquatch supposed to do?

A day for the sasquatch would be feeding and remaining elusive.

How tall is the sasquatch?

An adult Sasquatch will be around 8 feet tall.

What is the duration of Sasquatch Mountain?

The duration of Sasquatch Mountain is 1.5 hours.

What is the duration of The Sasquatch Gang?

The duration of The Sasquatch Gang is 1.43 hours.

What is the Sasquatch habitat?

Bigfoot(sasquatch) reports are found in all parts of the USA. Sasquatch habitat is dense forest, mountains and close to water.

How tall is sasquatch?

sasquatch is 10 feet tall and has a veary hairy chest

What does sasquatch eat?

Since sasquatch is a fictional creature, he can eat whatever he wants to.

What is the book sasquatch about?

About sasquatches,where they are seen,pictures of sasquatch,and mostly who had the best evidence

What Canadian province is named after the Sasquatch?

None. The Province of Saskatchewan was not named after the sasquatch.

What do sasquatch's eat?

There is no such thing as a Sasquatch. Yeah. Why is there a Sasquatch, Bigfoot, and Yeti column?

When was Sasquatch - novel - created?

Sasquatch - novel - was created in 1998.

Is Virginia a sasquatch specimen?

Virginia is either a state or a woman, neither of which is a Sasquatch specimen.

What is the difference between a hard working black man and sasquatch?

Sasquatch has been sighted

What is the ISBN of Sasquatch novel?

The ISBN of Sasquatch - novel - is 0-7868-1334-2.

How many pages does Sasquatch - novel - have?

Sasquatch - novel - has 188 pages.

What is the duration of They Call Him Sasquatch film?

The duration of They Call Him Sasquatch - film - is 1.67 hours.

Quatchi is a?


Is the Sasquatch the same as Bigfoot?

yes it issasquatch means hairy man. Bigfoot is the English for the beast.

Is the abominable snowman an albino sasquatch?

An abominable snowman is essentially a Sasquatch. I believe the terms are interchangeable.

Are there Sasquatch undead in red dead redemption undead nightmare?

No, just the normal alive sasquatch