The Louisiana Purchase

Was The Louisiana Purchase part of the Industrial Revolution?


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While it happened during that time period it was not related to it in either cause or effect.


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Yes, it was part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

Most of Wyoming was part of the Louisiana Purchase

how many present day states were part of the Louisiana Purchase

Great Britain was the first country to industrialize, so yes, it obviously was a part of the Industrial Revolution.

The Louisiana Purchase only included the southeastern part of Wyoming.

yes there were. they were part of the industrial revolution.

Most of it was a part of the Louisiana Purchase.

In part through the Louisiana Purchase.

The Louisiana Purchase expanded the southern part of the United States. It included many future states, but did not include the upper part of the Mississippi River.

It was an important part of the Industrial Revolution.

After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the part of the Louisiana Purchase that would eventually become the State of Louisiana was organized into the Territory of Orleans. The Territory of Louisiana was the other part of the Louisiana purchase that became the State of Arkansas and everything North of that. (The land north of Lake Ponchartrain and east of the Mississippi River was known as "West Florida" and was owned at the time by Great Britain.)

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