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Was Thomas Becket a monk?

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Thomas Becket was initially educated at Merton Priory before joining the household staff of Archbishop Theobald of Canterbury, where he showed a talent for administration. He was a clerk in minor orders at this time; he was appointed archdeacon of Canterbury in 1154 before being made Chancellor of England by king Henry II. On the death of Theobald in 1161, Becket was made Archbishop of Canterbury.

At no time was Thomas Becket a monk, nor was he ordained a priest before becoming Archbishop. His "seat" was at Canterbury Cathedral Priory, where many priests, clerics and monks were based - it functioned both as a monastery for the monks and as a secular church for the local population.

At the time of his murder, the monks were in the cathedral and about to sing Vespers - because he was not a monk, Becket was not among them but he requested them to continue even in the knowledge that knights had come to kill him.

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Thomas Becket was not called Thomas à Becket during his own lifetime. He was called Thomas à Becket, by people who wrote about him much later, possibly in imitation of the name Thomas à Kempis, who was another medieval monk. Also Thomas Becket was commonly known as "Thomas à Becket", although this form seems not to have been contemporaneous, but a post-Reformation adornment, possibly in imitation ofThomas à Kempis.

No, Thomas Becket was not a missionary.

a monk called st Anthony the great had gone to England and he went to the church after Thomas Becket had died so that people would follow his teachings just like Thomas Becket had done.

No, Thomas Becket was not excommunicated. He was a martyr, however.

Thomas Becket was in exile for 6 years.

Thomas Becket was born on December 21, 1118.

Thomas Becket is buried in Canterbury Cathedral

Thomas Becket was buried in Canterbury Cathedral.

Thomas Becket was born in Cheapside, London around 1118

Thomas Becket was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.

Thomas Becket was Archbishop of the Catholic church of Canterbury. He was murdered in 1170.

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Thomas Becket became Archbishop formally on June 3, 1162. There is a link below to an article on Thomas Becket.

Thomas becket died in 29th December 1170 in Cantenburry cathedral

Canterbury cathedral was the location of the martyrdom of St Thomas Becket.

Thomas A Becket First School was created in 1985.

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Becket was born in 1118.

Thomas Becket was martyred for his beliefs.

he never did. for some reason, everyone just calls him it. :)

Thomas Becket died on 29th December, 1170 at Canterbury cathedral.

king the second murdered Thomas Becket because he didnt support the king

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