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Yes! she appeared in a quasi-comedy setting (but did sing her title tune) On the ShaNa Na some time in the seventies, Cool!

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How do you use spector in a sentence?

I like Spector Pro 6.0. It's a good computer program.

What is the song on the new BBC program on Australia?

It is called Paradise but the Ronettes in 1965.

Who sings theme song to Simon Reeve TV program Australia?

program on Sunday Australia with Simon Reeve who sings the song and what is the title on the trailer answer Paradise by the Ronettes

What has the author Rhonda Wilcox written?

Rhonda Wilcox has written: 'Investigating Veronica Mars' -- subject(s): Veronica Mars (Television program)

Who is famous aunt of tv actress jenna louise Coleman?

Maree Cheatham is the famous aunt of actress Jenna-Loiuse Coleman. Jenna is a Bristish actress who is well-known for her role in the program Doctor Who.Ê

What happened to actress Sheila Rosenthal?

There is limited information on actress Sheila Rosenthal including where she is now. The last program she appeared in was in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Who was the actress who played Carol on Magnum PI TV program?

Kathleen Lloyd played Carol Baldwin

Who is the actress in the Haynes furniture commercials?

Jennifer Pulley is the lovely actress in this commercial. Host of multiple NASA programs and Brain Stew, a syndicated children's program in the late 90's.

How can you become famous actress when you are 10?

You would need to get an acting job on a television program or movie or a series of ads.

A preson's name starts with a V?

Person's name beginning with V: * Vince Lombardi - Hall of Fame Football Coach * Valerie Bertinelli - actress, weight loss program spokesperson * Val Kilmer - actor * Van Morrison - singer, musician, songwriter * Victoria Principle - actress, "Pam" in old Dallas TV show * Vivian Leigh - actress, "Gone With The Wind, "Scarlet O'Hara" * Vinny Testeverde NFL superbowl winning QB * Victor Hugo - French writer * Vicky Lawrence - comedian * Vincent Van Patten - actor * Vincent Price - actor * Victor Sanchez- MLB * Valerie Plaim CIA agent involved in Scooter Libby scandal * Veronica Hamill - actress * Vanesa Redgrave actress * Victoria Jackson - SNL funny lady

How many years of college do you have to take to become an actress?

You don't NEED any years of college to become an actress. You do, however, need training, practice, and experience. One way to get these is by going to a good college theatre program.

Which actress plays Lexie in Grey's Anatomy?

The name of the actress who plays the character named Lexie in the hit television program called "Grey's Anatomy" is Chyler Leigh. She also stars in the film "Not Another Teen Movie".

What is the best university to attend to become an actress?

i think that rice university would be the best to attend,because they have a great art program!!

What are the names of famous people with first names beginning with the letter K?

Go to * Kurt Russel (actor) * Kurt Warner (NFL QB) * Kobe Bryant (NBA player, Lakers) * Kevin Durant, (NBA player, Sonics) * Kyle Korver (NBA player, 76er's) * Kevin Bacon (actor) * Kevin Klien (actor) * Kathleen Turner (actress) * Katy Holmes (actress) * Kim Basinger (actess) * Kristin Davis (actress) * Kathy Bates (actress) * Kim Kardasian (actress) * Kim Catrell (actress) * Kirsty Ally (actress and weighloss program spokesperson) * Kiera Knightly (actress) * Keanu Reeves (actor) * Kevin Spacey (actor) * Kirk Douglas (actor) * Katherine Hepburn (actress) * Karl Malden (actor) * Kate Jackson (actress) * Kyra Sedgwick (actress)

Who was the first African-American actress to win an Emmy and what program was she in?

In 1970, Gail Fisher became the first African-American actress to win an Emmy Award for excellence in television. She won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Peggy Fair, secretary to the detective played by Mike Connors on ''Mannix."

Is Hilary Duff related to Howard Duff?

yes she is. it states that the young actress of the kids tv program 'lizzie maguire' IS related to howard duff.

Who is Petra Mede?

Petra Mede is a is a Swedish comedian, dancer, actress. She was born on March 7, 1970. She is on the Swedish television program called Bonusfamiljen.

What are the release dates for Actor's Day in LA - 2009 Actress Marta McGonagle Shares Skits with Kids for the Peer Sex Education Program 1-4?

Actor's Day in LA - 2009 Actress Marta McGonagle Shares Skits with Kids for the Peer Sex Education Program 1-4 was released on: USA: 23 June 2009

Who created the TV program The New Adventures of Old Christine?

The creator of the TV program "The New Adventures of Old Christine" is Kari Lizer. Kari Lizer is an actress, writer and producer. She was also the executive director of the television show.

Was the character Marina in the Anderson Program Stingray based in part on Gina Lollobrigida?

Titan's slave girl Marina was actually modelled after the French actress Brigette Bardot .

Who is the girl parachuting onto the bed on Quest program link?

I e-mailed Quest and they say they don't know - it's an anonymous actress or model! Ray Ward

Has actress Jamie Chung ever played a villain in a movie?

Yes, but it was more like a mean girl. It was in a Disney channel movie titled Princess Protection Program.

How did I Love Lucy start?

In the thirties and forties, actress Lucille Ball had roles in or starred in many movies. In 1948, she was hired to play a wacky wife on the CBS radio comedy program 'My Favorite Husband'. The program was very successful and CBS asked her to help develop a program for television. In 1951, 'I Love Lucy' went on the air.

What is the theme tune for The Street?

The Gangster program Mean Streets somewhat incongruosly used the happy, up-beat song Be My Baby- by the Ronettes, as its theme song. This song was also used in the film, much better suited thematically- adventures in Baby-sitting. often theme songs are so off-base as to be cinematically AWOL. way- off post.

Was Andre Fox an actress on different strokes a man?

Andrew Fox starred in a recurring role as the character of "Angela" on the popular television program Diff'rent Strokes. She was not then, nor is she now, a man.

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