Was WPA a relief program

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Yes, it was. But in those days, Americans would not take money without working for it. Some antiquated notion about earning your keep, or something. So the government created work for them.

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Q: Was WPA a relief program
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What did wpa workers program stand for?

WPA stands for Works Progress Administration.

What three New Deal programs provided work relief to the unemployed?

the WPA, the BWA, and the CCC

What is the name of the program created in 1935 to relieve unemployment?


What federal program helped to preserve the oral histories of people who have been slaves?


When was the Federal Emergency Relief Administration formed and dissolved?

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration was formed in May 1933. FERA was dissolved in December 1935 and was superseded by the Works Progression Association (WPA).

What year did the wpa end?

The WPA was the Workers Progress Administration but was renamed the Works Projects Administration (1939). This program was established by Franklin Roosevelt as part of his New Deal during the Great Depression in the US. The WPA was ended by Congress and war employment in 1943.

In 1935 president franklin roosevelt created the wpa the implementation of this program is an example of what?

Not sure what you want to know. The WPA was a huge and expensive program creating new government jobs. It was a later part of the "New Deal" programs. It is an example of the social legislation that Roosevelt introduced to the US.

Does FERA still exist today?

FERA stands for Federal Emergency Relief Administration, and it was another program that was part of Roosevelt's New Deal during the Great Depression in the US. It was established as a result of the Federal Emergency Relief Act of 1933. FERA does not exist today because it was terminated in 1935, and its work was taken over by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and the Social Security Board.

Where can one apply for a tax relief program?

One can apply for a tax relief program at the local government office. The government must approve any tax relief application before it can be granted.

Who was the chairman of Roosevelt's relief program?

Harry Hopkins was Roosevelt's Chief Administrator of Relief

What act did FDR use to create millions of jobs?

FDR used the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act to create the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to create millions of jobs

What is a Tax Amnesty Program?

A Tax Amnesty Program is a program that provides comprehensive tax relief. Under most tax relief programs individuals cannot be prosecuted. There are many companies to choose from. Read facts first.