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Q: Was Warren G. Harding ranked best or worst president?
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What is something important that Warren G. Harding did?

nothing he did nothing important he was the worst president ever

Why is Warren G. Harding considered to be one of the worst US presidents ever?

There were scandals and Harring did almost nothing as president.

Do you like Warren Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

The worst president of the 20th century?


Do you like Warren G. Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

Do you like Warren G. Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

Why is Andrew Johnson the worst president in US history?

President Andrew Johnson is generally not thought to be the worst president in US history. In a 1962 historians poll, which ranked 31 presidents from "Great" to "Failure," Warren G. Harding was ranked last, Andrew Johnson was ranked 23rd. He repeatedly opposed the Reconstruction policies of congressional Radical Republicans who wished to humble and subdue the South. Andrew Johnson, however, lacked the political savvy and leadership abilities of his predecessor, Abraham Lincoln, and was continually thwarted. He was the first president to be tried for impeachment, on the grounds of "High crimes and misdemeanors." See related links

Why does people say that warren is the 2nd worst president?


Which president's friends let him down while he was in office?

Warren Harding's friends probably were the worst at embarrassing the President both in number and degree. Many of the presidents have had at least one old friend who exhibited questionable behavior when put in a responsible position.

Who was the worst US president in US history?

it is hard to say who the worst president is but here is the list of the bottom enntries James Buchanan Andrew Johnson Franklin Pierce Warren G. Harding Millard Fillmore George W Bush Herbert Hoover Martin Van Buren Zachary Taylor John Tyler

Why was Harding considered the worst president?

He wasn't- that accolade goes to either Richard Nixon or George Bush.

Was Warren G. Harding one of the best presidents?

Rated by the historians in the "worst" category is, you guessed it, Warren G. Harding: a president who successfully promoted economic prosperity, cut taxes, balanced the budget, reduced the national debt, released all of his predecessor's (Wilson's) political prisoners, supported anti-lynching legislation, and instituted the most substantial naval arms reduction agreement in world history. Go figure.

Is George H. W. Bush the worst President to date?

No, some people would think that Richard Nixon was (resigned over dirty tricks and spying).Warren G. Harding had only 2 years as President (1921-1923), and his administration was marked by numerous scandals involving friends who received political appointments.There are many official lists by numerous sources that list the best to worst president. Best is always Abe Lincoln and worst is usually Harrison, Harding some others.. Bush averages around 36 to 38 of the 43 past presidents, that is obviously no accomplishment.

Worst presidents ranked worst to best?

There are some published lists and they vary according to the criteria used. Buchanan generally seems to be considered the worst along with Harding and Andrew Johnson. Lincoln gets the top spot with Washington and Franklin Roosevelt vying for second and third.

Is Donald Trump the worst president ever?

Yes. Despite him thinking he is God, he did happen to beat out Nixon and Harding for the absolute worst. Meanwhile the spirits of President's Harding and Nixon are saying "Come on! Really? Even I wouldn't have pulled that, or even tried to pull it off during my tenure."

What was the worst thing Warren G. Harding did for the country?

Probably his biggest failing was his inability to stop corruption in his own administration. While there is little evidence that himself was corrupt, he could not say no to his friends, many of whom turned out to be dishonest and gave his presidency a bad name.

Who is the worst paid CEO?

warren buffet

What president died in office was considered by many historians to be the worst president?

president who died in office that is considered to be the worst president

Who was the least popular president?

James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, and Andrew Johnson are usually ranked as the worst. Rutherford B. Hayes and Chester Arthur are the least well-remembered.

Who was the worst president?

Some people would say it's an unfair question: that there isn't a worst president because they all helped the United good and in bad ways. But others have said Andrew Jackson, or Warren G. Harding, or Richard Nixon might qualify as among the worst due to political corruption or other serious problems in their administration. I enclose a link to a very good article (in the form of a slideshow) about who some historians think were the worst presidents. ____ Most likely President Nixon for the watergate scandal. Some criminals broke into the Pentagon and Nixon tried to cover it up.. He is one of the few Presidents to be impeached by the Supreme Court.

Is Andrew Johnson the worst president?

No he is the second worst president next to George Bush.

Was idi amin the worst president of Uganda?

Yes, he was Uganda's worst President by far.

Who is the most corrupt president of the US?

That is a subject for historians to debate, and many articles have been written about it. Some Republican opponents of President Obama say he is the most corrupt, but the facts do not support such a claim. More likely, it would be someone like Warren G. Harding or Richard Nixon. I enclose a link to an article from the magazine U.S. News & World Report, which gave their opinion on some of the worst presidents.

Least revenue NFL team in 2009?

Minnesota Vikings are ranked 32, the worst.

Who is the US president that worst in spelling?

The president who was worst in spelling was the man who would become our first president. His name is George Washington.