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Was World War 2 a direct cause of World War 1?

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What the hell are you smoking?!?!?!?!

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Whot the hay does this have to do with the question?

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What was direct cause world war 1?


Which of these was the MOST direct cause of World War 1?

ethnic tensions in Europe

What was the direct cause of world war 1?

The assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary.

Why was World War 1 known as?

"The war to end all wars", isn't that funny as it was the direct and primary cause of WW2?

What was one of the causes for World War I?

The most direct cause of World War 1 was that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were assassinated by a Serbian nationalist.

Did World War I cause the gulf war?

no the world war 1 did not cause the gulf war.

What was the indirect causes of World War 1?

Imperialism, Nationalism, Malitarism, System of alliances. The direct cause was the assasination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand

Did Hitler start World War 1?

Hitler was a partial cause of World War II, not World War I.

How did imperialism cause World War 1?


Who was shot to cause World War I?

franz Ferdinand was shot to cause world war 1 by the black hand gang

List the causes of World War I?

create a list of the cause of the world war 1

Was there a fear of death in world war 1?

Of cause there was fear it is a war

What was the important cause of World War I?

The important cause of world war 1 was the gverment and the need for power the germans had and the bad goverment

What World War 1 peace treaty was a cause of World War 2?

The Treaty of Versailles

What WOULD NOT be considered a cause of world war 1?

World hunger.

Did Russia cause World War 1?

No. But the answer is debatable.

What did Germany do to cause World War 1?

a lot.

Did France cause World War 1?


Was American isolationism was a cause of world war 1?


Why is suspicion a cause of World War 1?

because it is

What did the propaganda help cause World War 1?


Was socialism a cause of World War 1?


What did the Germans have to do with World War 1?

the Germans were involved in world war 1 cause they were Siberia's allies and Russians allies

How did the cause of World War 2 differ from the causes of world war 1?

I Really dont know

Cost of World War 1?

The total direct and indirect cost of World War I was 337 billion dollars. It proved to be the costliest war to date at the time.