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Yes World War 2 was the bloodiest war in the history of the world. Over 1 billion people died in the fighting during world war 2.


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It was not a battle.............It was a war......but it was not the bloodiest but one of the bloodiest.

world war 2 is the bloodiest and greatest war in history.

No . World war 2 was without doubt the bloodiest war ever. It was a horrific war with estimates of 50 to 70 million killed. This of course includes civilians.

The bloodiest battle of world war 2 was the liberation of st. Lo

the significance of World War 2 is that it was the bloodiest conflict in human history and one of the most destructive war in history

There were many bloody battles in world war two, but the two most bloodiest would have to be d-day and the battle of the bulge

The bloodiest battle in the Pacific theater during World War 2 was the battle for Luzon in the Philippines. It is estimated that there were between 332,000 and 345,000 casualties.

The civil war I think because in WW2 they had less bloody methods of killing people, e.g. gassing them.

The bloodiest battle of the Pacific War claimed more than 150000 Japanese and American casualties.It Was Battle Of Okinawa

The Great War is another name for World War 1, as far as I know The Great War was not even close to the death figure as World War 2.Death figure according to Wikipedia:16.5 million deaths in World War 1113 million deaths in World War 2These numbers include civilian and military deaths, it doesn't include the wounded. The numbers don't come close to matching up. According to these numbers I am pretty sure World War 2 was the bloodiest war, not World War 1.I hope this is somewhat useful information.

In the United States the Civil War and World War 2 are considered the bloodiest wars and battles. This is based not only on total death tolls but also on the amount of deaths in particular battles and the ratio of deaths to survivors.

I guess the Eastern Front in Russia. The Battle of Stalingrad was the bloodiest in recorded history.

Battle of Stalingrad in Russia. Estimated 2 million casualties

Because WWII had the most bloodshed total, meaning its had the highest death total of any war ever.

The bloodiest WWII Pacific battle was the Battle for Luzon in the Philippines. There were 332,000 to 345,000 casualties.

the battle between aids and the civilian prostitutes

With over 800,000 men committed and over 19,000 killed, the Battle of the Bulge became the single biggest and bloodiest battle not just for the Americans in World War 2 but also in U.S. history.

World war 2, 50-70 million people died in WW2, and 16.5 million were killed in WW1, I think it's obvious which was worse. Oh by the way, you spelt BLOODIEST wrong.

The bloodiest battle of World War Two is indisputably the battle of Stalingrad. Including soldiers killed on its perimeter, the first assault, reinforcements, civilians, and the POW's that died in captivity, the number exceeds 2 million. That's somewhere around 3% of the entire number of deaths IN World War Two total.

the world war 2 was nicked-named the bloodiest war everPs: the people that got hurt I'm sorry for them D: :(

The Battle of Luzon had between 332,000 and 345,000 casualties.

World War II holds the distinction of being the only war that used a nuclear weapon. It was a war that involved virtually every part of the world during the years 1939 to 1945. It was also the largest and bloodiest war in history.

To date WW2 was the bloodiest with some figures as high as 60 million in the Soviet Union, alone In world history, it was World War 2. In US history it was the Civil War.

Several of the movies for World War II were extremely bloody. A current one is Stalingrad while others include Platoon, We Were Soldiers, and Flags of Our Fathers.

I guess they were all important to someone. But I suspect you're after the Battle Of Stalingrad (it was definitely one of the bloodiest battles of the whole war).

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