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That would be World War II ( 1939-1945) The American civil war was 1861-1865. The revolutionary war was between 1775 and 1783. So in order of dates, would be the revolutionary war, the civil war and world war II.

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World War 2. it took place from 1939-1945 the revolutionary war was from 1776-1783 it started with the signing of the declaration of independence and ended with the treaty of pairs the civil war was from 1861-1865

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Q: Which war happened most recently civil war world war two or Revolutionary War?
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What happened most recently civil war World War 2 or revolutionary war?

World war 2 1900civil war 1800revolutionary war 1700so its world war 2

What wars happened most recently civil war World War 2 or revolutinary war?

World War 2 1939 to 1945 Civil War 1861 to 1865 American Revolution 1775-1783

What are the three deadliest warsAmerica has fought?

The Civil War World War 1 The Revolutionary War

Which war took place more recently civil war world war 2 or the rveolutionary war?

The World War 2 was the most recent war. This war occurred during the mid-1940's. The Civil War was the second most recent, happening from 1861-1865. The Revolutionary War was the first war, occurring during the late 1700's.

Did the shot heard round the world start the civil war or the Revolutionary War?

Historically, no one single shot can be identified as the first shot of the war.

How did the first gunfire of the revolutionary war change the world?

that really is unknown, but i think because it stated the civil war

What war took place first Civil war world war1 or American revolution?

If you mean the US civil war then the Revolutionary war took place the first.

What was the first naval battle of the civil war?

The first naval battle of the Civil War happened on April 13, 1861. This naval battle took place at Fort Sumter.

What were the civil wars right before world war 2?

The significant civil war that happened just before WW II was the Spanish Civil War.

What was the craziest war?

That's an opinion. Some people think it was World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, the Revolutionary War, and possibly the Civil War.

What are 5 major conflicts of the US?

Revolutionary War Civil War World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War Iraq War

Why world pre history?

Because it gives us more information by which to interpret things that have happened more recently.