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Was World War 2 the same thing as the World War 2?

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Yes, they are interchangable names for the same war.

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Is apocalypse world war 2 and world war 2 are the same?

yes apocalypse world war 2 is the same as world war 2.

Similarities for World War I and World War 2?

Well one of the similarities was that Germany tried to take over Europe which was the same thing they tried to do in both world war 1 and world war 2.

Was the Final Solution the same thing as World War 2?

No. Please see the related question.

Is the Civil War the same as World War 2?

It depends on what you mean by same. World War 2 and the Civil War were not the same war and they were not for the same causes like slavery. So to me they are nothing alike.

Couse of World War 2?

World War I - Any thing else was indirect.

How many peole died world war 2?

No peole died in World War 2, as there is no such thing as peole.

What was the effect of communism on World War 2?

it affected world war 2 by treating some people the same as others during the war it affected world war 2 by treating some people the same as others during the war

What happened to Japanese Americans during world war 2 as a response to war with japan?

They were compelled to enter into internment camps ; the same thing as a concentration camp .

What languages were spoken in World War 2?

The same languages spoken today were spoken in World War 2.

Can you get Call of Duty World at War on the PlayStation 2?

The only thing you can get close to World at War is "Call of Duty: World at war Final Fronts".

Can You Play 2 players Online on World at War on the same PS3 and screen?

yes you can play 2 players online on world at war on the same ps3 screen

Was World War I and World War 2 the beginning and the end of the same war?

More or less, it was. End of World War 1, with cutting up of Eastern Europe and the Depression. Pretty much Kicked off World War 2. It is much more involved, but more or less. It is the same war.

Using same console using xbox 360 can 2 people play call of duty world at war online?

No, you cannot play cod world at war online with two players on same console and samething goes for call of duty 4. But you can for halo 3.

What battle was fought between Britain and India in World War 2?

Britain and India were on the same side in World War 2

Did the Holocaust and World War 2 happen at the same time?

the holocaust was in the duration of world war II, ___ Yes, the Holocaust took place during World War 2.

When did World War 2 end in US?

I the person answer this thing is awesome

What war occurred in the 1940s?

World War 2 was the principal thing that occurred in the 1940's

Submarine detecton device used by surface ships in World War 2?

In Britain, ASDIC.In America SONAR.Different names for the same thing!

What was the language during world war 2?

Same languages as today in the world.

Did they have milkshakes in World War 2?

no they didnt have milkshakes. The only thing they could drink was water. that was the only source they could drink in world war 2

Were World War 1 and World War 2 the beginning and end of the same war?

no, they were anywhere from 20-40 years apart...

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