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No, Alister Crowley was more of an eclectic pagan. Atheists reject all supernatural or metaphysical phenomena, while Crowley was known for seances and blood rituals to speak to the dead.

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Q: Was alister crowley an atheist
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Does Alister Crowley worship the devil?

Mr Crowley is currently deceased, he no longer worships anyone.

Where was the movie The Song Remains the Same filmed?

Some of it was filmed at Jimmy Page's house, the Alister Crowley mansion.

Is there any film footage of Aleister Crowley?

Alister Crowley died before the advent of video recording devices, so no. Aleister Crowley died in 1947, so he did not die before the advent of film recording devices. However strangely for a man who loved publicity there is no known film footage of him.

Was Alister crowley friends with L Ron Hubbard?

Yes, Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard were briefly acquainted in the late 1940s. They corresponded and met in person once. Hubbard later claimed that Crowley was an influence on his teachings in Scientology, though the extent of their actual relationship is debated.

Is alister crowley a freemason?

Aleister Crowley was initiated into an irregular clandestine Masonic Lodge (Anglo-Saxon #343) in 1904. He is not recognized as a regular Mason by the United Grand Lodge of England.

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turn to page 43 in the book "Magic: In Theory & Practice" written by Alister Crowley (dont know if i spelled his name right)

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