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Yes. She was beheaded on 19 May 1536 for treason, witchcraft and incest. It's doubtful whether she actually committed these crimes.

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What tool beheaded anne Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded with a sword; the executioner was brought in from Calais.

When was Anne Boleyn killed?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded on May 19, 1536.

What happend to anne Boleyn?

she was beheaded

How did she die Anne Boleyn?

She was beheaded.

How did Anne Boleyn and Henry vii i's marriage end?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

When was anne Boleyn divorced?

Anne Boleyn was not divorced. She was beheaded on 19th May 1536.

How old was elizabeth 1 when ann Boleyn was beheaded?

Queen Elizabeth I was three when Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

When did anne Boleyn get her head chopped off?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded on 19 May 1536.

HOW Was anne Boleyn excuted?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded by a French swordsman imported by Henry VIII

What was Anne Boleyn beheaded for?

She was accused of adultery

Who was beheaded at the tower of London?

Anne Boleyn

What time was Anne Boleyn beheaded?

she was beheaded in the evening. 7:00 pm

Who killed Anne Boleyn?

Henry the Eighth beheaded her.

Was anne Boleyn beheaded with a sword or an axe?


Why was Ann Boleyn beheaded?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded on charges of adultery, incest and treason although she is widely assumed to be innocent of these charges.

What is the climax in the other Boleyn girl?

Anne gets beheaded

Which year was anne Boleyn beheaded?

May 19, 1536

Where anne Boleyn died?

The grounds on the tower of london. She was beheaded.

What happened to Anne Boleyn's life?

anne Boleyn was married to hendry the 8th and she was beheaded

Who was beheaded for adultery with anne Boleyn?

Henry VIII also had his fifth wife Katherine Howard beheaded. She happened to be related to Anne.

Was Anne Boleyn beheaded or divorced?

Beheaded.She was number two out of six.If you get stuck, remember:DivorcedBeheadedDiedDivorcedBeheadedSurvived!

Which of Henry VIII's wives was first to be beheaded?

Henry's second wife, Anne Boleyn, was the first to be beheaded.

What happened to Anne Boleyn after hers and Henry's divorce?

Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII were never divorced, Henry beheaded her on the account that she was a witch.

When was Anne Boleyn Exacuted?

She was beheaded for incest on May 15, 1536.

Did anne Boleyn get beheaded?

Yes, she did. She was executed on May 19th 1536.

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