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Q: Was awiyao sincere in saying that if a man will see lumnay dance the man might marry her?
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Was Awiyao sincere in saying that if a man will see Luminary dance,that man might marry her?

Was Awiyao sincere in saying that if a man will see Luminay dance, that man might marry

Describe lumnay the story of wedding dance amador daguio?

she is the wife of awiyao.

Who is lumnay in the story wedding dance?

Lumnay is the wife of Awiyao-who happens to marry Malidumay just because of his need to have a child which Lumnay can't give.

Who are the main character of wedding dance?

1. Awiyao 2. lumnay 3. madulimay

Why amador daguio take the title wedding dance?

Because the "Wedding Dance" is the the final thing that would completely cut the relationship between Awiyao and Lumnay as husband and wife and in the otherside would tie Awiyao and Madulimay as newly wed. The title there speaks of the dance that will be done at the wedding ceremony of Awiyao and Madulimay. To this sense, if the wedding dance is already enunciated by Awiyao and Madulimay, then it means Lumnay and Awiyao are no longer a husband and wife. It is only after the wedding dance that we can surely say that they really sacrifise for their genuine love. (GENE LUPAGUE)

Who are the main characters in the story wedding dance?

the main character of the story lumnay,awiyao,and madulimay

Who are the characters in the story wedding dance by amador daguio?

Awiyao,alumnay,and madulimay This is a 5 page short story about husband and wife, Awiyao and Lumnay, who were married for seven years. Awiyao feels the need to marry another ( Malidumay ) in order to have a son because Lumnay could not bear one. At his second wedding Awiyao went to check on Lumnay knowing she was upset, He thought the answer to Lumnay's sadness would be to have her join the wedding dance. Lumnay was at the wedding but left because she could not stand the idea of her husband marrying another woman because she could not give him children.

What is Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio?

They have been married for seven harvest periods yet Awiyao and Lumnay weren't able to produce children and Awiyao badly need one to affirm his virility and to establish his place among his tribesmen so he decided to leave Lumnay and marry Madulimay.The story is set in one of the mountainous provinces in the northern Philippines on the eve of Awiyao's wedding to Madulimay, while gangsas beat and women dance to celebrate the union. Awiyao slipped away from the celebration to convince Lumnay to join the dancing women. Instead, their conversation turned to a passionate goodbye, each expressing love for the other, their speeches filled with recollection of precious memories, finding it hard to let go of one another.The climax was reached with Awiyao running, blood surging, resolved to stop the dance and complain against the tribe's culture that permits a man to marry another woman if the first wife couldn't bear him children. But suddenly she stopped and turned back, defeated.Daguio, in the story presented a clash against a basic human emotion and culture and thus established two important points: that culture transcends love and the bitter truth about the inequality of the sexes. He did not establish though that Lumnay was sterile. Awiyao could have been the one with fertility problems, who knows? Awiyao's pride forced him to leave Lumnay, no matter how he loved his wife. But if he was the one with fertility problems, would Lumnay's love be enough to take him back?On the second point, their culture permits man to leave his wife and take another woman hoping the second wife would bear him children but no such provision for women exists. And although the first wife may remarry, it would only be after her husband left her. And what if, in Lumnay's second marriage, she would bear children, what of the culture now?

Who is Madulimay in the story wedding dance?

She is the one will be the new wife of Awiyao.