Was benidict Arnold ever married

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Was benidict Arnold ever married
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What is Benidict Arnolds full name?

benidict shirly Arnold

When did Benidict Arnold start his career in the military?

At the age of fifteen Benidict Arnold droped out of school. He ran away and joined the military.

How is benidict Arnold a traitor?

He became bitter !

Who led the American attack on the quebec?

Benidict Arnold

What year did Benidict go to the British Army?

Benidict Arnold went to the British Army in 1780 when Andre is caputured

Who did Benidict Arnold trade sides with?

England. He betrayed America

Which American officer became a British spy?

Benidict Arnold

Why was Benidict Arnold angry with the Continental Army?

the british soldiers disrespected him

Who were three famous people who were selfish?

Benidict Arnold, G.W. bush, & Hitler

Was Blaise pascal ever married?

Pascal was married to Antoinette Arnold.

What school did Benedict Arnold go to?

Benidict Arnold went to school at cantiberry he droped out at age 15 to join the milita

Who is Arnold benidict?

benedict arnold is considered a hero and a traitor. he was a general at a battle that wsa crucial to our victory. after he won the battle, the continental army said they couldn't pay him he sided with the british and gave them top secret info.