Was billy ray Cyrus adopted

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No, he grew up with his birth parents Ronald and Ruth Ann Cyrus

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Q: Was billy ray Cyrus adopted
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Was naoh Cyrus adopted by billy ray?

yes nah was adopted by billy ray

How are billy ray Cyrus and trace Cyrus related?

Billy Ray Cyrus is Trace Cyrus' STEP FATHER. He was adopted by Billy Ray Cyrus when he married Tish Cyrus.

Is Trace Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus' son?

he was adopted by robby ray

Why is trace Cyrus adopted?

Cause Billy Ray Cyrus isn't his dad & when Tish (His mum) married Billy Ray he adopted Trace.

Is billy ray Cyrus the biological father of trace Cyrus?

No, he's not, but Trace was legally adopted by Billy Ray.

Is brani Billy Ray Cyrus'?

Billy Ray Cyrus has an adopted daughter named Brandi. She is the child of his wife from a previous marriage.

Is brandi Cyrus adopted?

Brandi Cyrus is the natural daughter of Letica Cyrus, and the legally adopted stepdaughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Is Trace Cyrus Jewish?

dhanalisa beresford's answer is heck no if Billy Ray Cyrus adopted him!

Do Billy Ray Cyrus want to adopted another more kids?


Why does it say when you look it up that Brandi Cyrus (who is Miley’s Cyrus’s sister) has 3 parents Billy Ray Cyrus, Trish Cyrus, and Baxter Neal Helson?

Billy Ray Cyrus is her adoptive father, Baxter Neal Helson is her biological father. When Trish and Billy Ray married, Billy Ray adopted Trish's children from her previous relationship.

Is trace Cyrus Miley Cyrus's half or adopted brother?

Billy Ray Cyrus had him with someone else then married Trish and had Miley. He is her half brother. no he was adopted

Brandi and Trace Cyrus?

Trace and Brandi Cyrus are brother and sister, they are from Tish Cyrus's side. When Tish married Billy Ray, Billy Ray adopted Trace and Brandy. Billy Ray Cyrus has a son called Christopher Cody around 17 years of age from a prevous relationship. Tish has not adopted Christopher. In fact, their family hardly keeps in contact with Christopher Cody. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus went on to have Miley, then Braison and lastly Noah Cyrus.

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