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WW2 was the world's last TOTAL WAR. Total war meaning fought to win with any weapons available (minus Chemical Weapons by treaty signed after WW1). The Atomic Bombings brought man into the atomic age (1945). Without the bombings there would have been no Cold War, no Atomic Age, no end to WW2 without millions of more deaths (for both sides). Only one nation had atomic weapons at the time of the atomic bombings; so it was a good idea. If other nations had the "bomb" it would have been a bad idea. Then it would have been a nuclear war. Such as it was when the Soviets (Russians) tested their first atomic bomb in 1949. Atomic Weapons created a COLD WAR (A stand-off between atomic armed countries). Total wars CANNOT be fought any longer without risking total destruction to both sides, referred to as, "Mutually Assured Destruction" during the cold war (1945-1990). Only conventional wars, not involving NUCLEAR WEAPONS (called "Limited Wars") could be safely fought during the cold war.

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Q: Was it a good idea or a bad idea to bomb Japan with the atom bombs?
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Why did Japan bomb Alaska in World War 2?

Actually they bombed Hawaii. The reason is that the Americans stopped all trade with Japan because they were on the Axis side. Japan replied with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In return the Americans dropped two atom bombs on them, ending the war for good.

Why may it have been a bad idea for the United States to drop the atomic bombs on Japan?

The only bad thing about the bomb was the loss of life in Japan. Politically and for the good of the entire world, it was a good thing because it saved more lives overall.

Was president Truman's decision to use atom bombs a good one?

Truman wanted to put an end to the war and collapse the means of Japan to make war.

What were the good outcomes for the dropping of the atomic bomb in japan World War II?

Those bombs made the war end and collapsed Japan's means war ever again.

What are good issues for a persuasive essay?

Anything in the news today. The use of nuclear power or bombs. Couple of books to help you on the dropping of the bombs in Japan are Hiroshima by John Hersey. A thesis could be if a war solves problems or not or the use of the bomb.

Should the atomic bomb have been dropped on Japan?

Atom bomb should not have been dropped. it was still a prototype and had seemed like a good way to end world war 2 . It worked but at a great cost and much suffering

What is good about E equals mc2?

he used it to invent the atom bomb

Was the atom bomb tested on an island when tested?

yes bikini atoll in the Pacific read the bomb good book

Was the atomic bomb good and why?

Atomic bombs are tools and as tools they can not be either good or bad. What can be good or bad are the people using them and the uses they are put to.

What were the good things about atomic bombs being droped on japan?

The bombs ended the war with Japan , it brought peace to the region and it eliminated the influence of the Japanese military upon Japanese politics .

Was good idea make the atomic bomb?

Yes it was.because by dropping the bomb we got japan to serrender. If it we not used the world as we know it today would not be the same.also russia was starting to invade and we needed to let them know that we had enough bombs that it could happen to it changed both countries.

Would the US have used nuclear bomb on Japan if the population of Japan were Europeans?

We can never know for certain as that is not the case. However had the Nazies been able to continue fighting or had the bombs been ready before the Nazi surrender, I believe there is a good chance the first atomic bomb would have been dropped in Germany instead of Japan. But this is also not the case as they surrendered before the atomic bomb was available. Counterfactual History can be fun to think about, but rapidly disintegrates into uncontrolled and irrational speculation.

Zelda bomb bag?

Are you talking about how to get it, or what it is? How to get it depends on the game What it is... it's a bag...that carries bombs Good Luck! :3

Good reasons of having an atomic bomb?

a good reason for atomic bombs is that it can help defend us against any high treats

Why were some good reason to drop the bomb on japan?

The war needed to end.

Was the dropping of the atomic bomb a good idea?

Some say yes because it stops impending war between the U.S. and Japan, but some people simply feel it was over-kill and fire bombs should have been used.

Why did the president that dropped the atomic bomb?

President Truman dropped two atomic bombs, the first ever created, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because he thought that would be a good strategy to make the ever fighting Japan surrender in WW2

Was the decision to drop the atomic bombs on japan good or bad?

a good idea. They bombed us first ya know.

What is a good reason for using atomic bombs against japan?

I think the only good reason was to bring the war to an end.

What good came from dropping the first atomic bomb?

It brought an end to the war with Japan.

Was is it good to drop the atom bomb?

It was not a good decision to use nuclear weapons but in war, some decisions have to be made no matter what.

Why did the US and japan become allies?

two atomic bombs helped to persuade them that it might be a good idea

Was the attack on Pearl Harbor a good thing?

No it was not a good idea, as it got the U.S.A in the war and Japan lost its big navy, and million died in the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

What if Truman had founda way to showjapanese leaders a demonstration of the bomb?

He order two bombs and the Japanese got a good example of the devastation.

How much would it cost today to build an atomic bomb today like the one US dropped on Japan?

The first atomic bombs cost billions because they had to learn how to gather uranium and plutonium into a form that was good enough for a bomb and they had to design the bomb. Now a nuclear missile cost would be probably about a million or more. The cost of the newer missile is in the housing and maintenance of the missile.