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NO. see link for more information.

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Did niue go in world war 1?

Yes 150 Niuean men joined the maori battalion.

What day did the maori battalion go to war?

•The 28th (Maori) Battalion was part of the 2nd New Zealand Division, the fighting arm of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force. during World War 2 . A frontline infantry unit made up entirely of volunteers, the Battalion usually contained 700-750 men, divided into five companies.

What is the difference between a battalion and battalion commander?

battalion alludes to the number of men therein. battalion commander alludes to the commander of the battalion

Which is larger a brigade or battalion and how many men?

A brigade is larger than a battalion by about 100,000 men

How many men are in a infantry battalion?

An infantry battalion has between 300 and 1,300 men.

Men in a battalion?


How many men are in a battalion?

a lot

What was the Maori men roles?

•Maori men were the warriors of their tribes. •Maori men were the ones who prepared agricultural plots, fished in the open sea, who use to dive for shellfish, build canoes and carve.

Were there women with the Mormon Battalion?

The Mormon Battalion brought a few women along as laundresses and cooks. Many of these women were the wives of men in the battalion.

How many men in a Vietnam error airborne battalion?

You'll not always get an accurate answer for those statistical questions, for example a Mechanized Infantry battalion in Vietnam was roughly 900 men, a tank battalion in Vietnam was about 570 men, and a straight leg outfit (regular infantry) averaged about 600 men (some sources will state 700 or 800 men). Airborne battalion's in Vietnam averaged about 600 men (or more) per battalion.

How many men in an air cavalry battalion?

Roughly 700 men.

Maori battalion w w 2?

The Māori Battalion was part of the second New Zealand Expeditionary Force during World War II. It was formed as the 28th Battalionfollowing pressure on the Labour government of New Zealand by the Māori MPs and Māori organisations throughout the country who wanted a full Māori unit to be raised for service overseas. The battalion was organized with its Companies formed along tribal lines. The battalion went into action for the first time in Greece on April 15, 1941. It served in the breif battle of Crete. It then went to Italy, where at the Battle of Monte Cassino, the Maori Battalion took part in some of its fiercest fighting of the war and incurred 300 of its men being killed there. The 28th Battalion were pulled out of the frontline on December 21 1944. It was pulled out of the frontline on December 21 1944.

How many men are in a mechanized infantry battalion?

Between 600 and 1000 men.

How man men are in a north vietnamese battalion?

A good estimation would be about 600 men.

What where maori men roles?

Maori men were the ones who took care of the agriculture, fished for food, did the carvings, and made equipment, tools, and canoes. The men also shared in the cooking at home.

How many survivors were there from the 39th battalion?

The 39th Battalion was a regiment in the Australian Army. The group fought in both World Wars and by the time it was disbanded had, had 1666 men serve in it. There were only 32 men to survive the 39th Battalion, seven officers and 25 others.

How many men in a fattalion?

IF you mean battalion...500-1000

How many soldiers in a United States army battalion?

A Battalion consits of about 500 to 1500 men usually consisting of between two and six companies and a battalion is usually commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel.

Who came from the disbanded Mormon battalion?

About 500 men, women and children.

Battalion in a sentence?

General George Patton led the tank battalion in World War 2 in Italy, France, Germany, and Belgium. The men in battalion both loved and hated him because of his personality and aggressive fighting methods.

How many soldiers form a battalion?

Around 500-1500 men. A battalion is usually consist of 2-7 companies and typically commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel.

What percentage of Mormons join the military?

It depends on the country. In many countries, military service is compulsary for young men, so in these nations, 40-60% of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) join the military. In the United States, military service is not required, and the percentage of Mormons in the military is around 2-3%.

What is a Marine Infantry Battalion?

For the US Army, during the Vietnam War, a battalion was about 600 men. The US Marine Corps will be similar in organization (during the Vietnam era).

What type of animals did the Maori men hunt?

dog pig fish

How many men in D Company 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment?


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