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Was japan stealthy during world war 2?


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June 08, 2008 7:47PM

Stealth was not a generally used term in the 1940's. All military forces use certain procedures when deploying into action; whether for training or the real thing (actual combat). Although in the 21st Century the military has EVOLVED into an organization DIFFERENT from the traditional military of the past centuries. Today's military does more than train & fight wars. Today's military has the added LAW ENFORCEMENT function added to it. Which means, that today, the military has NON-LETHAL weapons added to their inventory; whereas before, it was strictly deadly force (war). Prior to the addition of "law enforcement" duties, the military "Trained to Fight Wars", and "Fought Wars." Part of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) during training (manuevers)/fighting was: COVER & CONCEALMENT; Cover is protection from projectiles (shrapnel, bullets, etc.) and Concealment is protection from vision. STEALTH would come under the heading of "Concealment." During WWII all combatant nations practised concealment; the art of camoflage.