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John brown was a hero .He faut for what he believed in and that's all that matters.

(So did Hitler and the Al Qaeda skyjackers!)

He murdered a number of people over their politics. He performed a terrorist raid on the armory at Harper's Ferry. Anyone who agreed with his views, then, would have his crimes thrown up at them. "That is the sort of people Abolitionists are", that sort of thing. Doing more harm than good does not make you a hero.

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Why John brown is a hero?

who is John brown!

Why did John brown do to become a hero?

he was john brown so he told lies

Why was john brown a hero?

He was not a hero to 99% of the country. To most he was a murderer and was hanged for his crimes.

Was john brown a radical murdererer or a hero?

John Brown was a radical and a murderer who was made a martyre by radical abolitionists.

Was John Brown considered as a hero?

John Brown was indeed considerd to be a hero however, he was to considerd to be a villian. The North looked apon Brown as a hero (the north didn't want slavery) while the south looked apon him as a villian. (the south wanted slavery)

How did John brown's raid at Harper's ferry effect the Nation?

john brown became hero of the state

After the affair at harpers ferry abolitionists considered john brown to be?

John Brown was considered an abolitionist hero of the first magnitude and a treasonous rebel by the federal govt.

Which word best describe john brown?

He was an Abolitionist; a hero in the north a terrorist in the south

Was John Cabot a hero or a villain?

was John Cabot a hero or villain

What actors and actresses appeared in Her Hero - 1911?

The cast of Her Hero - 1911 includes: John Bunny as Mr. Brown Maurice Costello Flora Finch as Mrs. Brown Etienne Girardot Mary Maurice Norma Talmadge

John brown would have been a hero of the north or south?

Northern abolitionists - a growing body, but still a small minority.

Was john smith a hero?

John was a hero because he saved the jamestown settlement from starvation

Would John Brown be characterized as a terrorist or a hero based on his actions during the period from 1856 to 1859?

To the Abolitionists, he as a Hero and Martyr. To the Southern slave owners, he was a Terrorist (to use an anachronistic contemporary term).

What archetype is john proctor?

guilty hero

Who was john cena's hero?

john cena's hero is hulk hogan i know all the facts

Do you address the letter as Mr John Brown Esq or John Brown Esq?

John Brown, Esq

How was John Brown viewed by the North and the South?

For the most part John Brown was considered a radical by both the North and South. Some anti slavery advocates saw him as a hero. His raid on Harpers Ferry further strained relations between the North and South.

What did john brown do to Harpers ferry?

In 1859, abolitionist John Brown raided the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, VA. He called for a slave revolt. As a result of this insurrection, he was hanged two months later. The North hailed him as a hero and the South thought him a disgrace.

Who was Michael jacksons hero?

James Brown

Who is Michael Jackson's hero?

James Brown

Who was Michael Jackson's hero?

It was James Brown

What clothes did John Brown wear?

What did John brown wear

How did they kill John Brown?

The hung John Brown in 1859.

Was John Brown University named after abolitionist John Brown?


Was linda brown related to john brown?

absoultly not, Linda Brown was African American and John Brown was Halfrican.