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Yes, but this is not the major source. Marine corals are the most abundant source.


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Your skeleton is made out of strong and hard bones.

They are like little fish fosils for an example if you find a limestone rock look at it and you will see bones

a sharks "skeleton" is made of cartilage.

yes, your skeleton system is made of bones.

A monster made from bones is a skeleton.

a skeleton made up of bones so thin that the bones are prominent.

There's 206 bones in the human skeleton.

No, the human skeleton is made up of 206 bones.

The skeleton is the organ that is made up of bones.

Yes, they have a skeleton made of bones, just like other reptiles.

No. A snake has a solid skeleton made from bones (in the same way our skeleton is made)

Insects don't have bones. Insects have an exo-skeleton instead, a hard outer layer that protects and gives them shape. The exo-skeleton is made out of Chitin.

Yes, a mouse has a skeleton made of bones.

YES! the skeleton is made up of bones!

The skeleton is made up of bones.

Axial skeleton - is made up of bones of the skul, ribs, and the vertebrae. Appendicular skeleton - includes all the bones attached to the axial skeleton.

technically, sharks have no bones, as their skeleton is made from cartilage.

The skeleton of a goat typically has 189 bones. That is why many dishes made with goat do not contain as much meat as bones.

3 characteristic of tisuues that made up of the bones in our skeleton

Skeleton refers to the bones only, no tissue involved.

the skeleton is made of bones, and it protects vital organs like the brian, heart, lungs, and spinal cord

The number of bones in an adult skeleton and an infant skeleton differ substantially. An infant skeleton is made up of 350 bones while an average adult skeleton will have 206 bones. This means that nearly one-third of the bones in our human body will bond together during the period between infancy and adulthood.

No, a shark does not have a bony skeleton. It has a cartilaginous skeleton, which means its bones are in fact made out of cartilage.

Their made of nerdy kids's bones

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