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NO but it was made chases face and boogers NO but it was made chases face and boogers

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โˆ™ 2008-10-14 21:37:11
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Q: Was mascara ever made with bat poop?
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What brands of mascara are made with bat poop?


What types of mascara has bat poop in it?

NONE!!!! The chemical called "guanine" that they use in mascara is NOT made from bat products!

Does mascara have bat poop in it?


Is mascara bat poop?


Is make up made out of bat poop?

Most mascara has batpoop in it.

Is mascara made of bat poop?

No its not actually. There has been a lot of talk about weather it is or not but its simply made of many combined ingredients (not including bat poop).

Is bat poop in mascara?

yes it is

Is there bat poop in mascara today?


What mascara has bat poop in it?


Is bat poop used in mascara?

Well if you look on the label of a mascara... what do you know! No Bat Feces!

Does mascara contain bat poop?

Of course not

Do all brands of mascara have bat poop?


Is mascara made out of bat poop?

no it is made of a type of soap and colored die... blue black etc...

Is mascara made from bat poop?

Deffeiently not! My friend asked me this and we researched it! Mascara is made from minerals and other solutions no bat feces, bat organs, or anything from any animal! So now u know don't be scared and take ur mascara off

Does mascara have a main ingredient of bat poop?

No. There's a chemical called guanine in it. It's an amino acid. It gives the mascara a shimmery appearance, but the guanine in mascara can't be sourced from bat poop, BY LAW.

Is mascara from bat poop?

No, guano is NOT used in mascara or any other make up product.

Is bat poop in make up?

no not all of it but i think it is in mascara.

What animal is mascara made out of?

Mascara is not made out of bat poop at all. It is just a rumor people have made up. It does contain beeswax though. Same with Burts beeswax lip balm.

Is bat poop an ingredient in mascara?

No. (Check the ingredients list. Bat feces aren't on it.)

Is makeup made from bat poop?

yes all makeup is made out of bat poop that's what give mascara is sheen and eyeliner its smoothness even lip gloss and chap stick all of it. Sorry guys but its true

Is mascara made of bat guano?

No. There is an ingredient in mascara called guanine but it does not come from bat excrement/guano. Mascara is made of oils, pigments, and preservatives.

Was thee ever mascara made with bat poop?

No, that is completely unsanitary and make up companies could be sued big time if it infected someone or got in their eyes or if someone was unhappy about the unknown bat guano in their make up products!

Is bat poo in mascara?

no... mascara is made of dye and thickening agent and water

Why do they put bat poop in mascara?

To make it more dark and and it sound just plain "natural"

Is it true that mascara is made out of bat poop?

This formula ingredient in mascara may have been used quite a while back, but it is no longer present in mascara today, because it would raise the risk of infection, and this would make it very difficult to get it approved to sell.