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Was ponce de leon married?

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He was married to Mary Leon

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Who married ponce de leon?

ponce de leon married Marry leon

Did ponce de leon get married?

Ponce De Leon got married to a spain woman named ...

Meaning of pdl?

Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon

Did Juan ponce de leon get marred?

Yes, he was married to Leonora Ponce de León.

How many times was Juan ponce de leon married?

juan ponce de leon was married once to leonor the daughter of a n inkeeper and have four children

Was Juan Ponce De Leon married?

He was married, with two children.

What Did Ponce de leon sail?

Ponce de leon (Juan Ponce De Leon) sailed from Spain and sailed to Florida!

When did ponce de leon get married?

yes, to Marry LeonWhat!!! You didn't answer the question "Guy-Above-Me"..Juan Ponce de León y Figueroa!!! got married to Leonora circa 1505

What was the name of Juan Ponce de Leon spouse?

The name of Juan Ponce De Leon spouse Leonor Ponce De Leon

WHAT WAS juan ponce de loen personal background?

He had children and married a woman named Leonor Ponce de Leon

What country is ponce de leon from?

juan ponce de leon was from spain

Where was ponce de leon born?

Ponce de leon was born in Italy

How many kids did ponce de leon have?

he had four kids and he was married

How many children did Ponce De Leon have?

Juan Ponce de Leon had one daughter, Juana Ponce de Leon, with his wife, Leonor. He had a grandson, Juan Ponce de Leon II, and a great-grandson, Juan Ponce de Leon y Loayza.

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