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ilocano..... remember the basi revolt? then comes diego& gabriela silang...

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Q: Was rizal the prime mover of the revolution?
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Is Rizal the prime mover of the revolution?

Rizal was the prime mover of the revolution in the Philippines. He is a great hero and is considered to be the first Filipino as his works brought enlightenment which led to the independence of Philippines.

Who is the prime mover of the revolution?

andress bonifacio

Was rizal a prime mover of revolution?

Some may not consider him to have been but the ones that do think so because he let the upheaval of Filipino spirit with regards to being nationalistic.

Was rizal the prime mover of katipunan?

Rizal was already imprisoned when Katipunan was born. Rizal's imprisonment was their reason to form Katipunan. Rizal was also framed because he didn't know that the Katipuneros were using his name in what they were doing. And because of that, the Spaniards thought that Rizal was the leader of the Katipunan.

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