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Was sind Amphibien? translates as What are amphibians?
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Can you get your sisters grimm book sinde?

First of all, learn how to spell. It's SIGNED. Second, sure you can. There is a list of appearances and visits to places from Michael Buckley. Find one that's closest to you and go over there!

In German what do ist and sind have to do with each other?

er is the third person singular of sein and sind is the first and third person plural; sind is also used with Sie (formal 2nd person singular and plural).. Full conjugation of sein in the present:. ich bin . du bist . er/sie/es ist . wir sind . ihr seid . sie sind . Examples . Er/ ( Full Answer )

What is the pronunciation of die sind in German?

"die sind", meaning "they are" or "these are"? in IPA: /di: zint/ (without the dot over the second i, to be precise) in American Atrocious Phonetic Spelling: [dee zint] (pronounce this in the English way, it will probably come out right). It is VERY important not to pronounce "die" like the English ( Full Answer )

Sind sie wie alt?

Sind sie wie alt? makes no sense whatsoever in German. You could either ask Wie alt sind sie/Sie = how old are they/you sie/Sie sind wie alt = how old are they/you or they/you are how old

What is Pakistan's Sind region?

sind is one of the four provinces of pakistan,it is located in the south eastern part of the country !

Was sind Natursteine?

Had to look it up myself because it could have been something else than the name says. :-) Dimension stone is natural stone or rock that has been selected and fabricated (i.e., trimmed, cut, drilled, ground, or other) to specific sizes or shapes. Color, texture and pattern, and surface finish of ( Full Answer )

Ich hoffe wir sind immer zusammen?

I'll hope we'll see each other soon. === Close but not quite I'll hope we'll see each other soon = Ich hoffe wir werden uns bald wiedersehen I hope we're always together = Ich hoffe wir sind immer zusammen

Warum sind die Amerikaner alle so dumm?

So you want to know why all Americans are so stupid? Apart from being a racist, bigotted question, it shows how stupid you are if you feel you have to ask it in the first place. Wenn Du eine so saublöde Frage stellen musst, dann zeigt es dass Du der dumme bist. Amerikaner sind nicht dümmer al ( Full Answer )

Beeindruckend eindrucksvollsten aber Sie sind noch kein Deutsch?

Grammatically incorrect, I'm going to take a stab in the stab in the dark and guess that what you're trying to say is: Beeindruckend, sehr beeindruckend. Aber Sie sind trotzdem kein(e) Deutsche(r) Impressive, most impressive. But you're still not German

Ich liebe dich aber wir sind scheisse alt?

This looks like a word for word translation of an English sentence. In line with Answers policy on profanity I have left one word out (I'm sure you can work out which one by yourself!) I love you but we are old

How old is Christian Sinding?

Christian Sinding was born on January 11, 1856 and died on December 3, 1941. This would have been 85 years old at the time of death or 154 years old today.

Was sind die wichtigsten gruppen der native Americans?

Keine den Gruppen von Native Americans sind am meistens wichtig. Aber, einige Gruppen sind wichtig zum Europeischen Sielder. Zum Beisepiel, ich glaub dass die Iroquois Indians haben die Siedler gehilft wann sie zuerst angekommen.

How do you pronounce in English 'Sie sind schön'?

You would pronounce Sie sind schön it a bit like zee zint shuhn . As you rarely would say this to someone you address formally, you'd probably want to say du bist schön ( doo bist shuhn ).

What does Sie sind ein böses Hintern mean?

It sounds plain ridiculous. It basically says you are a bad bad bottom , complete with wrong style (Sie instead of du) and grammatical error (böses instead of böser). And Hintern (bottom, booty) is a euphemism for a commonly used swear word. You could translate it back to you are (a) ba ( Full Answer )

What does Sie sind bedeutet mean?

Sie sind = you are sie sind = they are bedeutet (from bedeuten = to mean) = means (third person present tense)

Was sind zwei funktionen der kapselung?

Protection - ein wichtiges Dokument mit Kunststoff umspritzt, um den Text zu bewahrendenken. Containment - pulverisierte Medikamente sind oft in Gelatine eingekapselt, um eine gemessene Dosis zu erhalten

Are dolphins amphibiens?

No dolphins are not amphibians. Dolphins can`t be amphibians because amphibians lay their eggs in the water and the adults live on land. Dolphins live in the sea only and they don`t lay eggs they give birth to live young.

What movie and television projects has Sinde Filipe been in?

Sinde Filipe has: Performed in "A Cova de Salamanca" in 1961. Performed in "Pedro, o Cru" in 1966. Performed in "O Pensamento" in 1971. Played Commandante in "Hoopers letzte Jagd" in 1972. Played Labareda in "A Promessa" in 1973. Played Narrator in "O Piano" in 1973. Played Platonov in "Platonov" in ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Ellen Sinding been in?

Ellen Sinding has: Played Danser in "Den nye lensmannen" in 1926. Played Lucie Breien in "Syv dager for Elisabeth" in 1927. Played Aagot, fjellpike in "Fjeldeventyret" in 1927. Played Tatjana danserinne in "Fantegutten" in 1932. Played Danserinnen in "Vi vil oss et land..." in 1936.

What movie and television projects has Wir Sind Helden been in?

Wir Sind Helden has: Played Themselves in "III nach neun" in 1974. Played Themselves in "Domian" in 1995. Played Themselves in "TV total" in 1999. Played Themselves in "Volle Kanne" in 1999. Played Themselves in "Sarah Kuttner - Die Show" in 2004. Played Themselves in "Total Request Live" in 2004. P ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Wir sind Kaiser - 2007?

The cast of Wir sind Kaiser - 2007 includes: Nadja Abd el Farrag as herself Manfred Ainedter as himself Werner Amon as himself Thomas Anders as himself Yela as herself Elton as himself Heino as himself Frankenstein as himself Ewig as Themselves Zweitfrau as Themselves Federspiel as Themselves Tracks ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Was bleibt sind wir - 2010?

The cast of Was bleibt sind wir - 2010 includes: Marten Dalimot as himself Karlheinz Dyla as himself Frank Goosen as himself Petra Greweling as herself Eva Gronbach as herself Bernt Hahn as Narrator Klaus Herzmanatus as himself Sabrina Jaeger as herself Hakki Kahoglu as himself Johannes Karisch as h ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Frauen sind was Wunderbares - 1994?

The cast of Frauen sind was Wunderbares - 1994 includes: Barbara Auer as Kim Ketu Burowa as Tatjana Anica Dobra as Michelle Kirsten Hager as Hannibal Bronsky: Eule Thomas Heinze as Arthur Doris Kunstmann as Mutter Nathalie Lichtenthaeler as Hannibal Bronsky: Zebra Kevin Moss as Hannibal Bronsky: Pin ( Full Answer )

Sie sind wilkommen meaning-?

It means "You are welcome"... however this would be used in the context of aomeone being welcomed to a place. A response to "Danke" ("Thank you") would usually be "Bitte."

What has the author E Sinding written?

E. Sinding has written: 'Et varslingssystem som virker' -- subject(s): Foreningen \Den frivillige luftmeldetjeneste\ (Denmark), History